Gaming: Breaking the Mold

Gaming - MulletI play a lot of 40K and Blood Bowl and one thing is synonymous in both games, I like in your face bashy stuff. In 40K my favorite aspect of the game is close combat and in Blood Bowl it’s a good old slugfest. Something about smashing heads appeals to some primal need I have regardless of what game I’m playing. One thing I’ve learned though is to not pigeon-hole yourself into one area of a game or even a single style of gaming.

Most of the lists I create for 40K have a strong core of assault capable units. Being the assault phase is my favorite phase it only makes sense. I’m also one to routinely change-up my lists and now and then I throw down something shooting oriented and have discovered I do damn well with it.

In Blood Bowl I’ve always gravitated towards the bash teams. The more players I can injure and put off the field the happier I am. I had tried various agility styled teams with minimal success in the past and pretty much wrote them off. Recently I started up a Pro Elf team, probably my 4th or 5th such attempt, and surprisingly am doing very well with them. In fact, they have my best starting record for any team I’ve created at this point.

It’s so easy to get caught up in one facet of a game, an army, whatever, that without realizing it, or sometimes intentionally, we just dismiss things. If you never try new things and instead stick with what you know then you’ll never evolve as a gamer. You may find you still prefer what you always have but by trying out new things you open the possibility of finding new elements you enjoy. Worst case scenario is you get a better understanding of how something works and that knowledge will aid you in understanding enemies who make use of it. In Blood Bowl I hate Dwarves but I created a team for the sole purpose of getting a better grasp on the team to combat it. It’s easy to do in the PC version of the game, I don’t have to go buy a new team, but even in 40K you could ask a friend to use their army. There’s no better way of understanding your enemies than playing as them.

Gaming is a never-ending learning experience and as players our tastes often change. If you find yourself getting bored with what you’re doing then change it up completely. Things you once hated may have a new appeal to you and the stuff you never thought you’d do becomes attractive. Don’t let your own self-imposed restrictions prevent you from becoming a better gamer.

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Gaming: Breaking the Mold
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