Hellblade #1

Herald of Khorne: Hellblade Painting

I’m working on the last arm for my Herald of Khorne and figured I’d take some quick shots of the Hellblade (power weapon), I’m working on. This is where I left off with it last night.

I’m pretty happy with how it’s coming along. I went with green to get a nice contrast against all the red of the Juggernaut. I also opted to try something different. Normally I paint my power weapons to radiated a glow, working from a darker center towards brighter edges, or the other way around depending. This time I wanted something more stylistic and here’s the result.

Something I’m pondering, and thoughts of you all are very welcomed here, is edge highlighting the entire thing with the lightest green. My thought is it would pull it all together and also be a bit different than most who do power weapons in this manner, namely those who airbrush theirs this way. Since this thing is blended I can’t really test it out to decide. I kind of get one shot unless I want to blend it all back in if I don’t like it and that’s not a fun process

My other consideration is the scratches in the blade. They are kind of hard to make out since they’re the same color as everything else and that’s the other element I’m seeking thoughts on. Should I darken in the scratches? Realistically they would be darker but not overly dark as the blade is glowing in spots and would lighten the area. If I did it, I was thinking to darken in the scratches one shade lighter than the green they are on. That seems like a realistic approach but at the same time it would kind of break up the blends.


Update: The model is done. Check out the Herald of Khorne painting showcase.

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Herald of Khorne: Hellblade Painting
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