Disciples of Twilight: Chaos Space Marines

Disciples of Twilight are a Chaos Space Marines warband created by me, Thor, for Warhammer 40K. I have always preferred creating my own armies from the ground up and part of that process is creating the back-story and fluff for the army. Below you will find an index of that information, as well as the general overview of the army and the models I have in my collection of Chaos Space Marines.

You will find more detailed information below but in general the Disciples of Twilight are a fallen band of once loyal Space Marines from the chapter Fate’s Angels – also a creation of mine. They are renegade Chaos Space Marines not of choice but by the machinations of those far more powerful. Despite having no choice in their fall, they are also not good guys on the wrong side of the fence, no clichés here. They have embraced the power of the Dark Gods if for no other reason than survival.

Short Stories

There are stories I’ve written for the Disciples of Twilight you can read. That series contains the history, and current happenings for the warband.


Disciples of Twilight origination is known only to them and intentionally shrouded in falsehoods and mystery because of the small part of humanity that remains within their heart. Also, keeping their origins unclear and unknown to those outside the warband helps ensure their survival. The members of Disciples of Twilight are all former members of the chapter of Space Marines known as Fate’s Angels.

Certain members of Fate’s Angels will embark upon a fate quest. The fate quest is a calling that the Marine feels and is drawn upon. What occurs on this quest is never revealed by those few who return but those who do return forever changed and take their place as a Fate Lord within the chapter.

Disciples of Twilight Emblem
Disciples of Twilight Emblem

There are those who never return and it was those Marines that never found their way back to Fate’s Angels who created Disciples of Twilight. Like a moth to a flame these lost souls found one another. None will speak of their failed quest be it from shame or fear one can not say but in that failure they found a brotherhood far stronger than before.

Over the centuries hundreds of Fate’s Angels have found their way to Disciples of Twilight and to this day more still do. Their creation remains unspoken for fear that Fate’s Angels would come to destroy them. Despite their growing size they remain far smaller than a loyalist chapter and such a war would be their end. They also keep themselves hidden from Fate’s Angels because they have not forgotten their former brothers and to fight those they once served with would be unthinkable. Much has changed over time for these once loyalist Marines but some things remain the same.


Disciples of Twilight Paint Scheme
Disciples of Twilight Paint Scheme

The warband is not led by a single leader but instead a council referred to as Furor Noctis. The members of Furor Noctis are the Lords, Sorcerers and even Daemon Princes. Champions are welcomed in attendance at the councils to give their opinions, offer suggestions and feedback. The Champions speak on behalf of their squads and in turn all voices are heard and acknowledged within the warband.

Often mercenaries will be employed by Disciples of Twilight. It is common to see Plague Marines, Berzerkers and Obliterators among the ranks of soldiers. These mercenaries may be offered plunder, favor of their god, or even secret pacts made with the Furor Noctis. The reasons the mercenaries choose to fight with the warband are their own and the squads of Disciples always welcome them.

Disciples of Twilight have also taken on Beastmen to help fill their ranks. Beastmen are easily corrupted and swayed by the Apostles, seeing the view of the warband as that of their own and follow it with zeal. They are among the most vocal at the sermons.

Battlefield Doctrine

By the nature of their creation and supplementation, Disciples of Twilight possess very little armored support. Those who fail in their quest and never return to Fate’s Angels often only have with them what they felt was essential to their quest. As such tanks like Predators, Vindicators and Land Raiders are a rare for the warband and often only employed in the most dire circumstances least they lose what little they have. Rhinos are the only vehicle they have in substantial quantity and even then it numbers less than what a loyalist company would possess.


Obliterators are commonly taken on as mercenaries to offer their infantry fire support yet for all that Obliterators can accomplish they are not an armored column of tanks. The resulting approach on the battlefield is that the warband will race forward to close the distance with their enemy quickly while what they have for supporting fire tries to suppress the enemy’s vehicles and support units. Once at close range the enemy’s armored support has minimal impact on the battle and they can turn their attention to the infantry of their foe. While enemy tanks try to maneuver to positions where they can aid their comrades the Obliterators and Havocs will target and remove them systematically.

Once in the heart of the enemy the Disciples will teleport in Beastmen, Terminators and even summon Greater Daemons to unleash upon their foe.


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