Mission: King of the Hill v4.0b (Revised)

I’m tweaking this from the first beta version because I feel the primary and secondary objective were too similar. Plus, the secondary objective now ‘fits’ the mission theme.

King of the Hill v4.0b

Primary (15pts) – Place one objective in the center of the table. Use the standard 5th Edition objective rules for capturing the objective.

Secondary (10pts) – King’s Guard. See below.

Tertiary (5pts) – Capture table quarters. See below.

Quaternary (+1pt) – Every enemy troop unit destroyed or fleeing at the end of the game.

King’s Guard
Nominate two of your units as the King’s Guard. These units cannot be anything that uses an HQ slot (so Command Squads and the like are valid), an Independent Character, or a vehicle of any type. The player who destroys both of the enemy’s King’s Guard wins this objective.

Table Quarters
To claim a table quarter you must have a scoring unit in a quarter with no enemy units in the quarter. If a unit is in more than one table quarter then they must choose which they are holding; you can’t score two different quarters with one unit. Likewise, a unit holding the center objective can choose to hold that objective or a table quarter they are in, not both.

* If an objective is tied or neither player achieve it, with the exception of the quaternary, then both players split the points for that objective rounding up.


Game Length
Standard game length or time, whichever comes first.

Special Rules
Infiltrate, scout, deep strike, reserves, outflank, seize the initiative, night fight turn #5 onward

* NOTE: If you table your opponent then you may use the remaining turns, if there are any left, to achieve the mission objectives.

  • Anonymous

    Much better. More varied and interesting then the most recent iteration.
    Minor add: rewrite the King’s Guard objective to read “Nominate two of _your_ units…”. Just a clarification for those who read through the scenarios too quickly.

    I wonder if there’s any way to get the King’s Guard units to actually function as guards? So that  you can’t nominate two small units of Grotz or snipers, and hide them in the far corners of the board, defeating the idea of a guard unit.

    Also, the idea that HQ units can’t be the King’s Guard makes units like Command Squads, Archon Courts, etc feel a little neutered.

    • Hmm…something to think about regarding a use for the Guard.

      I’ll clarify on the valid nominations. I mean it as anything that uses an HQ FoC, so Command Squads and the like would be valid. I’ll update that now.

      • Anonymous

        In hindsight, it’s probabyl fine the way it is with the Guard units. Not all leaders lead from the front.

  • hippie

    Is the Quaternary 1pt to who killed the most enemy troops?

    • Anonymous

      No, it’s +1 point for each enemy troop choice killed by you. Kill 3 troops, take home 3 points.

    • Todd is correct.

  • Anonymous

    For the King’s Guard… Independent Characters and Vehicles do or do not count?

    • Anonymous

      ICs and vehicles are invalid selections. The line should read:

      “These units cannot be anything that uses an HQ slot (so Command Squads and the like are valid), an Independent Character, or a vehicle of any type.”

      That makes it grammatically and typogprahically correct, and much clearer.  lol.

      • Now updated to be grammatically and typographically correct :P

        So yeah, not ICs or vehicles can be used as the Guard.

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