Monster March 2

Monster March 2 – Smooth Progress

Continuing with my coverage of my progress on my pledge for monster march.


In kingdom death, survivors kill creatures and then make armour and weapons from their remains. As, when we have been playing, I have a very powerful twilight sword user who charges around in phoenix armour I made her in miniature form.

Now the armour set doesn’t have too many feathers present so most of the gear is the colour of the phoenix’s skin. I have used mephiston red for the armour plates and trollblood base for the fabric while the browns, yellows and whites are relegated to the areas where feathers are present on the model.

She is armoured with a full phoenix armour set, a beacon shield and a twilight sword. (I have been looking too intently at a bloodborne art book and have used GW’s waystone green paint to imitate the moonlight great sword.)

Image of the completed phoenix, an undercoated eldar wraithseer and another monster undergoing a session of painting.

This extra monster is the Lion God from KDM. As I have finished the phoenix already and have started to make good progress on the Wraithseer I have a strange plan for how I am going to be painting the Lion God.

Partially inspired by older Resident Evil games, how chaos spawn manifest in 40k fiction and the background of the lion god [A parasite transforming its host] I am going to be painting the Lion god with exposed musculature. I have some old gloss model varnish in a tub so all the exposed muscle will be shiny and glistening.


Story Excerpt – The Farseer continues the story of the wanderer

The monkeigh would have called the machine a contemptor but the warp knew it as a Mhara Gal, a cursed one. With his powers recoiling by the mere presence of the creature that should not be, the Wanderer still fought as the shroud of black fire licked at his frame. calcifying the exposed wraithbone around the damage he had already suffered. The wanderer buckled under the assault and fell into the webway portal.

As the Mhara Gal roared its victory the Webway gate fell inert and collasped. Lacking any remaining stability the small craftworld began to break apart. Scattered to the winds by the enemies guns as they finished their extraction.

The colour I have chosen is a nice shade of orange. But the dropper bottle the paint is provided in is fighting me when I try to get some paint from it. So Dropper bottle issues aside I should be able to make some good progress on this guy as well as the Lion god. And I do still need to finish off the wraithseer’s nemesis the Mhara Gal. He is lurking in the background of these images and if about 80% complete.

Until next time.

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Monster March 2 – Smooth Progress
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