#MonsterMarch3 – Part 4: Return of the King

Warlord Titan & Armigers

With the final details done on the Warlord I am going to consider these guys done for now, the bases of the Armigers are going to be matched to part of my diorama project while the Warlord will have his base painted to match a pair of titanicus warhounds that I am planning to paint up in the future to act as his hounds.

Nakar Fel

Having been 99% complete as of the last post There was one final thing Nakar needed.

Macro carid explorator

With the weapons done I did a final once over of the model then moved it aside ready for its first battle.

KDM Dragon king

With the painting area now clear there was enough room to work on the dragon king. I started from a zamesi desert base over a white undercoat, then added black patterns onto the dragons skin. Bones and teeth were painted mechanicus standard grey and the eyes picked out in evil suns scarlet. After getting the pattern feeling right I then filled out the rest of the dragons skin before first cleaning up were the look wasn’t right before washing the entire model first in yellow ink and then black ink(only for the bones and teeth) before adding a pupil to each of his eyes with a dot of white. I then picked out the veins (bright yellow on the yellow and white on the black portions of the model) to complete the look.

I started working on the base shortly after using oranges, reds and astrogranite to start building it up. In addition to painting up the Dragon king it would be a disservice to leave the KDM survivors who use his remains to make weapons and armour unpainted when the creature has gotten some attention.

Bonus model

This modified knight valiant will be the in universe mount for brother Nixios.

I hope to get this model finished during march and have started on inking the armour panels to get the metallic blue colour and thus the model ready to go.

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Awesome progress. I really like the pattern you did on the Dragon King. It was a gutsy choice but it paid off.



Many thanks for fantastic contributions! My favorite is Warlord Titan for some reason (must be the use of the blue colors!) but I also agree that the painting scheme on the Dragon is really, really good!

Well done!