Display Tray

My First Display Tray

The LGS has trays to use to put your army on and carry around. The problem is the trays tend to be too small for my Orks. So, I finally got around to making my own display tray. I wanted to make something generic so I could use it for either my Orks, Marines or Necrons. As much as I enjoy woodworking, making three separate trays just didn’t make sense to me.

With that in mind I set about making something that I thought looked like the deck of a ship. I could have added more details but the problem was thinking of generic detailing. In the end I just went for simple. The grooves and rivet holes are actually just that, grooves and holes. I wanted some texture, not just painted on details. I’m thinking of marking tournament accomplishments on the tray but haven’t decided 100%.

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I like it mate, looks good and is functional…make me one


Ok, Thor- I’ll plead ignorance. What purpose does this tray serve? Don’t the dudes fall off? What’s wrong with foam?

(maybe a clue here…) Are you laving them at the FLGS? are these intended to be a way to store them without a lotta hassle?

Are they magnetized on the bottom?

How did you make yours?


Sorry, I ask a lot of questions. It’s just my general nature.


What are the width and length dimensions?