First Rebel Grot Armored Sentinel Painted!

Hello all,

After a bit of a lull I’ve recently started working to finish my Rebel Grot Armored Sentinel squadron.  So far I’ve finished one and am making decent progress on the other two.  Here’s the one I’ve finished:

I bought three of these on ebay and started working on them almost two years ago.  After that much time it’s nice to finally be nearing completion.  I made the armored face plates removable so that I can field them as Scout Sentinels if I want to.  Even if I rarely use them as scouts it it nice to have that option.  So far I only have autocannons for their main armament but I am planning to make some missile launchers and maybe lascannons too.  I also have hunter-killer missiles for when I have some extra points and want to add a little punch to their first volley.   I covered the initial restoration and basing, armor modifications, and weapon construction in previous posts so you can see how they were built if you’re interested.  There’s also an article about how I base-coated these and my other vehicles using an airbrush.

There is still fair amount of work left on the other two but I’m continuing to plug away at them.  Of course, the next couple of weeks are looking very busy thanks to the holidays.  I’ll probably get them finished in early January.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures, comments and questions are always welcome.  Thanks for looking!

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First Rebel Grot Armored Sentinel Painted!
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