Painted Sisters of Battle squad

Hello all,

I’ve been slowly cleaning out my basement lately and I recently dug out my Sisters of Battle.  I started the army in 2nd edition to be allies for my Space Wolves.  They gave me some extra bolters that weren’t as tough as the marines but were cheaper and could shoot just as well.  They also gave me the option to bring Inquisitors and Assassins.  With their current “codex” they don’t really add much to the Space Wolves and I’ve decided that it’s probably time to sell them.  Before I do I wanted to get some pictures of the few I’ve painted.April 29 2013 005I have painted these as members of the Order of the Ebon Chalice.  The paint job is over 10 years old but I had never bothered to base them so I took some time to do so now.  It is amazing how much better they look now than they did with plain black bases.

April 29 2013 007

April 29 2013 009April 29 2013 012 April 29 2013 014 April 29 2013 013  April 29 2013 011 April 29 2013 016 April 29 2013 017

I still like the models and I think the paint job looks pretty good.  It almost makes me want to get them on the table, but not quite.  This is now less than a minimum sized squad and pretty much all I have painted.  Although I have easily enough models to fill the minimum requirement for an allied attachment they don’t really add anything to any of the armies I’m currently using.  This is particularly true of my collection: I have Uriah Jacobs, a Canoness, a bunch of battle sisters, a small squad of Seraphim, a Callidus assassin, and a Vindicare assassin.  Put differently I have a bunch of marginally effective models, and two that I can’t legally field.  Yay!  To field what I have would require a lot of painting.  To field an effective force would require a lot of buying and a lot of painting.

I also have one of the Seraphim painted:

april2013 016 april2013 015 april2013 014 april2013 012

If GW comes out with a decent codex and some cool plastic models, maybe I’ll give them another go some day.  For now they’re dead weight in my collection.  Selling them off will free up some space and funds for the other armies.

  • It has to be hard to let an army go, even one you don’t play. Armies are like a collection and they have value no matter what.

    I really like the red armor on the Seraphim. I think she’s one of your better paint jobs.

    • It is, but I figure it’s not doing me any good now. If they do release a new codex they’ll probably release some cool new models too. Then I’d be stuck with the old stuff when I’d rather get the new ones. I’m getting to the same point with my Eldar as well. Once the Sisters are gone I’ll probably trim the Eldar back a bit, though I won’t ditch them completely.

      I do like the way the red came out on the Seraphim. I might hang on to her.

  • BenitoSenence

    Yeah I’ve had to part with many armies as my interest wouldn’t keep me happy with holding on them. Its nice when friends show interest then I see them again on the table. If you do decide to part with them Spectre Wile would love to take them off your hands

    • I’d prefer cash for these, I’m selling off my random stuff to offset the camera I bought a few months ago. That rules out the store credit swap. If he needs something in particular or wants to make a generous enough offer on the lot I might consider it though. I’ll send you a list of what I’ve got so he can see if he’s interested in any of it.

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