Random: Snow, Snow and Snow

Maine Turnpike
Maine Turnpike

Those of us in the northeast (US), are getting pummeled with snow today. Check out that lovely picture, courtesy of Maine Turnpike Webcams. Of course the storm comes on the 40K night at the LGS, the second week of our campaign. The snow is letting up some and the LGS is still open but it’s a matter of convincing my wife to let me head there. I’ll tell you, the reason we men marry women is so we have a sense of safety because if it weren’t for her I’d do lots of stuff I probably shouldn’t.

  • Wow, good luck dealing with all that snow. If the wife wants you to stay, I’d say listen to her. Otherwise I hope the league night goes well for you… stay warm!

    • The LGS closed for the day. Guess my decision was made for me!

  • Anonymous

    Brendan has a wife too! His name is Dave :-P

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