Rebel Grot Command Squads WIP

Hello all,

As I was working on the loaders for my Rebel Grot Basilisk it occurred to me that while it is fun to build tanks, it might not be the highest priority right now.  At a minimum I still need to finish my Company Command Squad and my Platoon Command Squad so that I can fill the minimal requirements for an allied detachment.  I would also like to have a second troops choice so I have the option of making the Rebels a primary detachment.  So I’m switching focus to more infantry.  I’ll still build and paint the two Basilisk loaders but I’m going to batch paint them with the next wave of infantry.

Since they are currently my highest priority I snapped some quick pics of my CCS and PCS this morning.  I probably won’t have them painted in time but I want to have these primed for a 1250 tourney I’m hoping to attend this weekend.

July 2013 010The primary role of my CCS is to order the lads around and keep them stuck in with the Regimental Standard.  They have a Vox Caster to ensure orders are understood.  I’d like to take advantage of their BS4 by upgrading their weapons but which ones to chose?  An Autocannon team would give them some decent firepower but encourages them to stay static.  Plasma guns pack a nice punch but they’re risky and they’re likely to bump the squad up on a target priority list.  For now I’ve given them two grenade launchers.  They’re cheap, have a similar range to the other weapons in the squad, and give them a little punch without painting a huge target on them.  I’ve also given the commander a bolter so he has the same range as his squad.

July 2013 013The PCS can issue one order a turn, half as many as the CCS at half the range and with half the options.  They can take the same weapon upgrades as the CCS for the same point costs but they’re only BS3.  One thing that puts them above the CCS is that they can score.  For now I’m running them cheap with a vox to help orders stick and a bolter for the commander.  They’re harmless enough to be ignored so they can sneak off to take a rear objective somewhere if their orders aren’t needed.  I might try digging some flamers out of my bits box to see how those work out.  They pack a nice punch up close and might encourage me to keep the PCS moving more.


I’ve also started building a vet squad to add a second troop choice and some BS4 plasma.  I actually got a decent amount of stuff done this weekend but most of it isn’t worth pictures.  Maybe I can get enough models assembled to try out a pure Rebel Grots force this weekend, but it’s more likely they’ll be joining their Ork allies for this one.





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I’d toss up between plasma and autocannons depending on how you plan to field them. Even as plasma dudes, you’re still hunkering inside a Chimera, right? I mean, how often did I fire on your Chimera last game? I believe the answer is zero times. There were too many more pressing threats for me to bother tossing a shot that way.


Love the guy in the coat! You could have a lot of fun with “rebel grot” characters — the very premise promises fun models!