Rebel Grot Snipers: 4th and 5th model ready for paint!

Hello all,

I don’t have much to say this morning, but I do have pictures.  I’ve finished modelling the last two snipers for my counts as Ratling Snipers unit:


Here’s a low-quality group shot:

snipers 011

It feels good to have this unit finished, now I can’t wait to paint it!  I’m on my way off to a very busy week so I don’t expect any progress until next week.  The week after that should be a frenzy of productivity though…

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Very nice work! I’m jealous of your ability to chop up a model and rebuild it nearly from scratch.
I don’t think I ever asked, but how do you cut your plastic card and tubing? Do you use a miter box or anything for the tube cuts?


I know they seem like simple little weirdo models, but i’m really blown away by what you’ve done. Some seriously nice reconstruction here! Can’t wait to see them painted up.


Great job!

The Grot with the cape, where did that studded piece behind his head come from? It’s a cool touch.