Rebel Grots Basilisk PIP: A little more paint and one crewman WIP

Hello all,

I was out of town for most of last week so this is another progress update without a whole lot of progress.  But I do keep moving forward!  I added a bit of rust and dust to the basilisk and started building the crew. 

Comparing these pics to the last ones I posted we can see how much the flash washed out the green.  I airbrushed the rust color on the tracks and track wells, plus a couple of spots here and there.  Then I added some light brown to represent dust.  This is as far as I’m planning to take this model with the airbrush.  This week I’ll move on to my usual brush work.

I also started working on the crew.  The loader is made from goblin and night goblin parts.  The round he is loading is an empty Ramset casing (I saved a bunch of them when I finished a room in the basement) with some green stuff.  I had to remove a fair amount of his fingers to fit his hands to the shell.  He needs some green stuff fingers and shoulder pads to be complete.  I’m planning to add a spotter next, and possibly a rack of shells.

That’s where I am so far.  Let me know what you think!

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Rebel Grots Basilisk PIP: A little more paint and one crewman WIP
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