Rebel Grots Basilisk PIP: A little more paint and one crewman WIP

Hello all,

I was out of town for most of last week so this is another progress update without a whole lot of progress.  But I do keep moving forward!  I added a bit of rust and dust to the basilisk and started building the crew. 

Comparing these pics to the last ones I posted we can see how much the flash washed out the green.  I airbrushed the rust color on the tracks and track wells, plus a couple of spots here and there.  Then I added some light brown to represent dust.  This is as far as I’m planning to take this model with the airbrush.  This week I’ll move on to my usual brush work.

I also started working on the crew.  The loader is made from goblin and night goblin parts.  The round he is loading is an empty Ramset casing (I saved a bunch of them when I finished a room in the basement) with some green stuff.  I had to remove a fair amount of his fingers to fit his hands to the shell.  He needs some green stuff fingers and shoulder pads to be complete.  I’m planning to add a spotter next, and possibly a rack of shells.

That’s where I am so far.  Let me know what you think!

  • Wow, that green really brings it all together. Well done!

    • Thanks! As I said last week, I’m pretty psyched about the possibilities with an airbrush. Now I’m looking forward to finishing this paint job.

  • I haven’t been following this project terribly closely (or anything hobby related for that matter) as of late, but I do check in from time to time. They really do look smashing.

    I wonder though, with all of the effort you put into this, do you think it was worth it scratch building them, or would you have been happier/just as happy buying the original kits and converting them?

    • Thanks, I’m glad you like them.

      As for whether it was worth it, that is always a very good question. Personally, I enjoy scratch building for the challenge and for the extra sense of satisfaction. For me the extra time is worth the money saved and the skills I’m building can be applied to more original scratch builds in the future.

      If I really had my choice I would prefer to start with a kit or two and use scratch building/kit bashing to stretch them into more models. Of course, I haven’t really ruled that out…

      • Yeah, that seems about par for the course. There’s a great sense of accomplishment when you do things yourself–and that never goes away. I just always wonder if my efforts aren’t better focused somewhere else.

        They do look fantastic though.

        • Thanks again!

          I think it really comes down to two primary factors:
          1) Do you enjoy scratch building (and are you happy with the results?) If so then it’s hobby time well spent.
          2) Could your time be spent more “effectively?” This is the tougher question. If you could work two hours of overtime and avoid 4+ hours of scratch building, or otherwise profit from your time to afford the kits, that might be a better route. Or maybe you just have the disposable income and would prefer to buy the kits.

          In my case I happen to enjoy scratch building (most of it) so I often take that route and save my money for the kits I don’t want to scratch build.

  • JD Brink

    Once you have paint on it you can’t tell what it’s made of. looks great! very orky! and i love that little dude with the ammo.

    • Thanks! I’m quite happy with how the tank came out. I’m also very pleased with the loader. The fantasy goblin kits are a lot of fun to work with. When I get him and the spotter finished they’ll add a ton of character to the model!

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