Rebel Grots: Lascannon 1 PIP

Hello all,

This past week I managed to paint the lascannon and one of the crewmen for my first Gretchen heavy weapons team.  I am almost finished with the gunner.  Once he is finished I’ll glue everything to the base, spray seal it, and add a little static grass.  On to the pics, as always you can click for a larger view:

February-2013-007 February-2013-009   February-2013-0111 February-2013-0031February-2013-014 February-2013-015February-2013-016

So far I’m quite happy with how this one is coming together.  I’m hoping to get it finished tonight so I can start on the second one.  When it’s done I’ll get some pics of the finished squad.



  • I love the look of these guys.. and the idea of ’em :)

    • Thanks! I can’t take full credit for the idea though. Rebel Grots go back to the Gorkamorka game and I’ve seen a few others online do some nice IG armies with them.

  • Is that first guy a Grot, or a Snotling?

    • Good catch, that’s actually a snotling. I have three more of this guy and nine of the older metal ones. The three will need some work but the metal ones have a lot of character to them so I’m planning to man each heavy weapon with a grot controller and a snotling or smaller grot assistant.

  • I really like how that lens came out. Well done with the weathering as well.

    • Thanks!
      I finished the operator last night, this morning I glued everything together and I’m really happy with how it came out. I magnet mounted the snotling so it can be used as a wound counter.

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