The Road to the Standish Standoff: Ratling Sniper Conversions Started

Hello all,

I’ve purchased my ticket to the Standoff so I’m officially committed now!  Though I’m still weighing some options I know I want to bring some Ratling Snipers so I’m working on those next.  The first two were pretty simple conversion from single pose models I’ve had sitting around.  They aren’t that exciting yet but I’m planning to sculpt some camo robes, pouches, and what-not to fix them up.  For the third one I reposed some wolf rider legs to get a crouching position.  I have a lot more legs, arms, and heads than I have torsos to hold together so I decided to stretch my bits by holding it all together with an armature.  I modified a lasgun to make his sniper rifle and reposed his right arm to hold it properly.  It looks odd in the picture because I’m leaving it loose until I sculpt his chest.

September 2013 084 September 2013 083






Here’s the group shot.  I started reposing a second set of legs for the fourth sniper.

September 2013 085

There’s still a lot of work to go on these.  In addition to the cloaks and pouches I plan to add scopes to the rifles.  I want to get five of them built before I start adding the details.

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Great start. The poses are really going to make these guys stand out; they actually look like snipers.


Just don’t put them behind an Aegis or they’ll never have Line of sight. :P

You’re a madman for even attempting this with a family at home. While you’re doing all this custom work do you have a Diorama for the Bronze Spawn in the works?