Saving Money!

Saving MoneyGreetings!

Amberclad here and I wanted to take this time to introduce myself seeing as I’ll be one of the new writers here at creative twilight. I’m an avid gamer of all sorts with warhammer 40k being my favorite game of them all. I’ve been playing since mid 3rd edition, survived the horror that was 4th edition and have done pretty well in the glorious 5th. As of right now I maintain 2 standing armies, Black Templars and air cavalry Imperial Guard. I hope to be bringing a wide variety of topics from the modeling and painting side of our hobby to the competitive side seeing as I love both equally. So with all introduction aside I guess I’ll start with my first ever article and something that has been on my mind for a while.

Saving Money!!

Now with that statement I think you all know what I’m talking about. The dreaded price increase. I won’t lie, I tweaked when I heard the news. I jumped back on the GW hate train (although I think when you get on, you never really get off) and proclaimed that I was done buying and playing this game. Needless to say after a couple of weeks of cooling off and realizing that the sky is not falling I started to think of how this really affects me and what I need to do to keep playing the game I love. So I’ll list off some tips that I’ve had brewing in my skull for a while.

*Stick with what you have. The best way to save is don’t spend. Thinking of starting a new army? Well I hope you’ve got 600-700 bucks cause that’s what it’s gonna cost you for a 2000 pointer. This is kind of hypocritical coming from me seeing as I’m starting a new army but it’s still a valid point.

*Switch paints. GW paints are stupid expensive and I’ve started to switch to p3 paints cause they’re 50 cents to a dollar cheaper and virtually the same thing. And I bet there are cheaper paints out there.

*Convert, Convert, Convert! Do you like those new shiny HQ models? Those are awesome aren’t they? But are they 20 dollars awesome? Anyone with modeling skill can make there own character models from the leftover bits they have. Thor did that with his counts as shrike and it looks better than the shrike model!

*E-Bay!! Sing it with me now! You can do it EEE-Bay!! Anyone? Ok moving on, E-bay rules and you can get it all cheaper from here, from something brand new or to something used, which you can find some really good deals if it’s used. Amazon is also good but doesn’t have as wide of a selection.

*Discount distributors. There are a crap ton of these and really no better way than to go right to the source and cut out the middle man. Although I think If GW is going to put the ax to the ones overseas than I wouldn’t be surprised if they came after the ones in the U.S.

*Trade! I bet you know somebody else that plays this game. And I bet they might have crap at home that they don’t want that you want. This tip costs literally no money at all and over time you probably amass a lot of stuff. Trading your stuff for someone else’s is a great way to get what you’re looking for.

*Tools! We all need them to put our dudes together. If you’re buying the ones from GW then stop right now because you’re foolish. Not even snap-on charges 15 bucks for a pair of cutters and they make the best tools in the world! Look elsewhere for all your cutters, files, drills and glue. I get 3 tubes of super glue for a buck from the dollar tree store down the street from me.

So I think I covered everything for tips that I can give. After a couple of weeks of cooling down from my fit of rage at GW I’ve realized a few things. This is a premium game and you have to pay a premium price for it. In my opinion, 40k is the best game in the world and GW does make the best product out there right now. GW knows this as well and they really don’t have anyone to really compete with them. So until someone can start making a better product than them, than we will have to pay a steep price for this game and I hope these tips help.

  • Some good tips. There are almost always ways to save money. The thing that bothers me most about the GW stores is the ‘tools’. Like you mentioned, you can get super glue for next to nothing at most stores. I just about go nuts when I see a mom buying her kid some minis and they try to sell her this overpriced stuff to build/paint with. I bite my tongue, but I really just want to say something, if for no other reason than to let her know that the hobby is not quite as expensive as they make it seem with their overpriced accessories.

    • Yeah, the tools and accessories is where they really stick it to you. When I first got into 40K I did buy their hobby knife but that’s been it. Pin vices, snips, etc. I got elsewhere. Same with flocking, you can buy it in huge quantities from online hobby shops and get a ton more for less than the small GW containers.

      • TheRhino

        I did buy the GW pin vise after looking at a ton of other ones.  The sale point on that for me was the rubberized grip and knob. 
        I also bought the old Citadel Jeweler’s Saw, as it actually came out cheaper than some of the other options I looked at.  They don’t sell that tool anymore, though, having replaced it with the Razor Saw (which also has a nice, rubberized, ergonomical handle).
        Part of the allure of the GW-braded product is the convenience.  I bought a container of GW’s green static grass from the FLGS, just because it was easier. I didn’t need to go through the hassle of registering with yet another online retailer, submitting credit card info, and waiting 5-10 days for shipping.  In, buy, out, apply. ;)

        • Anonymous

          The convenience really is the whole business plan for their hobby line which you pointed out. I actually quite like their x-acto knife because of the rubber grip and ergonomic handle.

  • You’ll always get better quality and usually cheaper products by avoiding GW brand.

    Though I like their paints. P3 are nice and I’ve got a small collection of them now, but their colours aren’t as vibrant as GW’s.

  • turon

    Great Article, glad to see someone is thinking creatively on how to get thru this. 

    However I still pay my flgs tax. Just started Grey knights and scrounging around my house for models but I still bought Coatez in store. Plus odds and ends. I just want to feel like I am doing my part…

  • bkbutlerme

    Even better – starting a new army?  Time is $$. Pay a local artist to put it together and paint it.  Some can do it quickly to table top quality.  Just slightly more than the cost of tools and glue and paint.

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