Snow Re-Basing

Having changed my technique for snow basing I wanted to go back and re-base my previous models. It’s going to be a long process and I won’t be doing it all at once. However, I do want to re-base the models that I plan to enter into the painting competition for the Standish Standoff this Saturday.

This base is for my Maulerfiend/Forgefiend. The model magnetizes to the base so it was an easy base to work on for playing with the new snow technique I’m using. The other thing I’m experimenting with is the Blood for the Blood God technical paint. This base has so much open area that I thought adding in some bloody areas would work well. So far I’m impressed with how realistic it looks.

I also added on a few ice patches that weren’t there before. I’ll do a tutorial for that soon. In hindsight I should have done it when doing this base…

For comparison, here’s a before and after to show the base changes.

It’s hard to pick up but the snow is fluffier in the new method and also whiter. I think the addition of the ice patches and blood really finishes it.

You think it’s an improvement?


  • Are you using the crushed glass technique?

    • No. I’m using the soft flake snow by Woodland Scenics. I’ve seen the crushed glass method though; just opted for cheaper and less dangerous ;)

      • Cool. This technique looks good, I’m glad you linked the tutorial in a comment. Though I think I will try crushed glass technique on top of the woodland scenics snow. Anyway, I always love to see Maulerfiends, just so awesome.

        • Crushed glass looks great too. It just comes down to the look you’re after ultimately. I wanted something with a higher contrast to the black and dark sombre blue I use.

          Warren did a model with crushed glass that looked great. The pics are here:

  • Looks great. I’m going to copy this technique for some Hordes figs. Thanks for sharing.

  • Need more photos! It’s hard to see the difference with just one. I think mixing in some darker reds for the blood might also add some realism to the base. That way you have some fresh splatter, and some older goops

    • Yeah, I took that shot real quick as an after thought. I was also resetting magnets on the base so the Maulerfiend was just setting on it and I didn’t want to move it more than needed and have it fall over.

      I definitely will play with the blood. Mixing in other colors like that would be good, like you said, for older dried blood. It’s a pretty neat paint.

  • Looks great! Did you pick up the snow flock locally or order it online?

    The gore technical looks convincing on the snow.

    • I got it online. The only place that would possibly carry it is Ray and Robins in West Falmouth but last I checked they had none. Great hobby shop by the way. Basically, trains, planes and automobiles type of shop with all the hobby support as well (tools, plasticard, Woodland Scenics, etc).

      I did actually redo things to cover the blood. I think the effect is great and the paint works awesome. However, I was finding it distracting on the base and I think that’s mostly because of a lack of source for the blood. The blood wasn’t on the Mauler’s hands to indicate he splatted something and tie things in and I had no body that would have leaked the gore. It just wasn’t working for me as I had done it.

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