The Bride and Groom… from Hell

baph 1aI’ve been carrying these two around for years and I FINALLY spent about 5 hours getting them done today.  Meet Baphemut and Cassandra, my greater daemon and/or daemon prince model!  Baph is an old-school GW minotaur I got for cheap (cuz he’s so old) and Cassy is an old-school Dark Elves slave girl.  I just thought it’d be really cool to make this big blue monster with a hotty girl friend stretched out like a cat in heat on his base.

baph 3a

I’d really like to say more about them but to be honest… It’s 10pm and my eyeballs hurt from painting all day.  Good night!

J. D. Brink


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The Bride and Groom… from Hell
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