Thor’s Workbench: Chaos Marines WIP #3

Chaos Marines WIP #3As always things seem to take longer than planned when painting. However, I have wrapped up the last three Chaos Marines in this squad and have started on the Aspiring Champion, as you can see to the left. Usual WIP shot disclaimer, IE: quality blows.

The three Marines are just about ready for sealing. I have to clear off the loose snow and put their squad number on the base and they’re on their way for sealing. The champion has the armor base colors done and armor is washed so now it’s on to cleanup and picking out details. I haven’t started on his arms yet but those go quick enough.

Once this unit is 100% complete I need to start on my Flesh Hounds. I’m anxious to get going on that unit as not only is it the final unit I need to paint for the Standoff in November, it’s also not power armor. I struggle through power armored models because of the sheer monotony of it. One-offs are fine, entire squads just weigh on my patience. Anyway, I have some ideas for the Hounds and hope to get a test model going very soon.

  • The one with the black horns looks unfinished, like you forgot to paint the horns rather deciding to paint them black. I think it’s because there’s already so much black on the model. The other two look great though. The black horned one may look less unfinished when he’s not standing next to the unfinished champ.

    Speaking of, the champ looks good so far.

    Are you planning on red hounds, or are you trying something else?

    • The horns are washed gun metal, not black. It does look a bit unfinished next to the Champ though.

      The Hounds I think I’m going to do red skin with black fur. I thought of mixing it up but I can’t see using the Hounds as anything but Hounds so may as well go red. The Daemons I’m aiming to keep aligned in color, unlike my Marines, to differentiate them a bit.

      • Ah, dark metals don’t always read correctly in pictures. I’m sure it will look fine in a finished squad and in person.

        Standard black and red is good. It will go well with the rest of your army. I like the black/blue scheme of your Disciples. It’s distinctive on its own but it also makes a great backdrop for any of the standard Daemon schemes.

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