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Thor’s Workbench: Chaos Terminator #2 (WIP #1)

Work in ProgressI haven’t done one of these for a while so here’s my latest work in progress, a Chaos Terminator. The lighting isn’t great but the sun just refuses to poke out this morning. Ah well, here he is.

Chaos Terminator #2: WIP #1

Chaos Terminator #2: WIP #2
Update: Here’s a better shot

At this stage he’s done except for basing, well and his arms. The arms are primed and on the arm rig so they’re next up (arms are magnetized).

I have a huge backlog of completed work that I need to get shots of. Maybe in the next few weeks I’ll get off my ass and do that.

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While you’re taking those photos take some more of this guy. That pic is so dark but I know it looks awesome just wish I could see it. No, it’s not just because I’m old either.


I with hippie. Even the new pic surely doesn’t do him justice. I can see the halfed scheme, but it’s subtle, due to the way he’s tilted.


OSL looks nice!