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Thor’s Workbench: Heldrake WIP (Update #2)

HeldrakeI know Rob @ Warhammer39,999 loves it when I do updates to models that have made seemingly little progress and all but here’s an update on my Heldrake :P Seriously though, I do these little updates to keep my motivation going. I often reach these points where I sit back and think, I’ve actually made some progress. This is one of those points.

Heldrake Wing 1So, here’s a shot of one of the wings I’m working on. Getting that blue in there was painstakingly slow work. I started off thinking I’d do the inside blue perfectly the first time to avoid having to touch up the metallic but that theory quickly faded. As I’ve said before, I’d rather get all the colors on there quickly and do cleanup than do it perfect the first time. Plus, with all the hard to reach spots on those wings I was going to need to do cleanup anyway. The time I spend doing cleanup would still be less than the time it would take to do it clean the first round.

I’m going to make the claws on the hand, and various claw-like protrusions from the wing, a white like claws would be (or at least how I do my claws). I want to incorporate the organic nature of the model into the small details like that so it all pulls together once the model is complete. Doing those metallic or something would have been a cope out.

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Thor’s Workbench: Heldrake WIP (Update #2)
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