Wargaming Bloggers Showcase #43

Wargaming Bloggers Showcase #43

A small showcase this time, but hopefully the quality of the articles more than makes up for it :)

Wolfsherz: Introducing my hive tyrant

Wolfsherz: Hive TyrantWolfsherz has quickly become a recurring feature, but that’s because he does some awesome work on Tyranids. You don’t see many people still playing Tyranids, so it’s awesome when you do see them.

Anyway, Wolfsherz shows off his Hive Tyrant. The webbing on the wings is great, the color scheme – which he uses on his entire army, works so well, and the basing is always so good.

Broken Paintbrush: Importance of Community

Broken Paintbrush: Importance of CommunityAs a fellow blogger, I could not agree more with Joe’s words in this article. Joe goes on to talk about the importance of community in blogging. Things like taking the time to comment on something you read, and being a positive influence in the community. It doesn’t matter if you’re a blogger, or a reader, it’s well worth taking the few minutes to read.

Graven Games: Flame Painting Tutorial

Graven Games: Flame Painting TutorialI stumbled upon this one while browser Pinterest. It’s an old article, but a great one.

The thing that struck me with this particular flame tutorial was the realism of the flames. It’s not your more typical comic approach to flames, but something that actually looks like a raging fire. It might sound odd, to paint flames on a vehicle that look real, but check it out; it looks amazing.

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Joe Baird

Thanks for the shout out Thor!
One of the crazy things about Wolfsherz’s work is that he paints everything separately before gluing it all together.
Nice find on the flame tutorial as well, super cool.


Nice selection chief, thanks for sharing.