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Well that’s my vacation over for another year but oh boy was it a good one.  I was lucky enough to visit Warhammer World in Nottingham with my family for a day and I was like a kid in a candy store I didn’t know where to look as there was so much to take in.  But lets start at the beginning. We arrived after a 2 hour drive so first port of call was Bugmans Bar for a coffee break. Even this was a treat as the bar is done up like a dwarven feast hall complete with huge fireplace which has an anvil on top of it.

Bugmans Bars Fireplace and Anvil
My better half and me beside the Bugmans XXXXXXXX

In the bar there are plenty of seats and tables along with the fireplace there are banners and shields adorning the walls  its like being in an old Norse hall or Lord of the Rings style hall.  Even the ceiling has huge wagon wheels hanging from it and there was a map of the Warhammer World on the wall.  They even have a table with a copy of the Bugmans Board game on it for you to play while enjoying your break. Also in the bar is the Bugmans Shop which is packed with Bugmans goodies that you can only buy in the store which is clever of them as you cant help but buy things knowing you cant get them anywhere else.  Still I resisted temptation for the moment as I was really looking forward to going into the gaming hall and seeing the famous tables.  I was certainly not prepared for what awaited us.

Entrance to Bugmans from the gaming hall

Upon exiting the bar into the gaming hall a quick glance behind revealed what looked like a building from Altdorf or Middenheim. The rest of the walls look like the inside of a castle as they are all done to look like stone walls with ramparts.  And in the courtyard are row upon row of gaming table most of which are ordinary enough but still covered in the citadel terrain but its all beautifully painted.  Then your eyes are drawn to the bigger and somewhat stunning tables.  The one that really caught my eye was done up to resemble an ice world and it was massive.  There were wrecked tanks strewn all over it and some gigantic tyranid creature bursting out of the ground

And its the attention to detail that make this such a good table.  There are fuel barrels and supply crates and beside a wrecked rhino there is even the corpse of an Ultramarine.

Beautiful Table
Another view
I really want to battle on this

This table was just one of many that were on display and you can book it to play on which would be so good if I didn’t live 500 miles away.  There were also tables done up like an Egyptian scene which would be great for tomb kings and there was a jungle table which was about 8 ft by 6 ft which 2 guys were having a battle on between blood angels and tau.  Lots of fliers and tanks involved and it was so good to see 2 fully painted armies playing on such a cool table but then we were drawn through a portal into the display museum.

How to defeat the Emperor’s finest……… a well placed low blow

Luckily my youngest was able to defeat the space marine guarding this vault with a well placed low blow and what lay beyond has to be seen to be believed.  There are cabinets stuffed to capacity with miniatures that look so good it makes you jealous.  Down one side is the 40k display with a Lord of the Rings and Warhammer display on the bottom and other side.  There are models from every army on display and most of them are the models that are used in White Dwarf.  I was gutted when it turned out that the Dark Angels were away being photographed for the magazine so I didn’t get to see them but does mean they will be appearing in a magazine near you very soon.  While I was drooling away looking at them the Ravenwing returned from the photo shoot to be replaced in the cabinet.  It was great to see them in the flesh but does make you feel like you could never have an army that looks this good but I guess that’s what makes us try all the harder to make our guys look like this.   I took literally hundreds of pictures in the museum and would love to put them all up but obviously I cant but below are just a few of them and the chaos tank was jaw dropping my pictures just don’t do it justice.

Chaos tank which is just stunning
Tyranid swarm scary prospect facing this
Different view of castle
The Emperor and Horus Diorama which I remember from White Dwarf
What I’m sure we would all like
My Oldest lad meets Jervis

While we were having lunch back at Bugmans which I have to say was really good and very reasonably priced(not like GW normally),  my oldest son Joe got all excited as he had spotted Jervis Johnson at the next table.  While I supped away on my pint of Bugmans XXXXXX he went over to ask for a photo which Jervis agreed too.  What was really nice to see was Jervis took the time to chat with him about the hobby and spent a good 5 minutes with him.  It certainly made Joe’s day and I thought it said a lot about Jervis that he took an interest and didn’t just smile for the photo then leave.

Peter Jackson as the Hobbit

Another miniature that was on display was the one to the left here.  It contains a miniature of Peter Jackson as a hobbit and is one of only two.  The other one was given to Peter Jackson himself and it really is a cracking miniature.


The Ravenwing

The Ravenwing models that were put back in the gallery are pictured here and have gotten me all excited about the next part of my project which is to do a Ravenwing and Deathwing army to go with my Dark Angels army so that I will have the 1st, 2nd and 3rd companies.


If I can get my models to look anywhere near this good I will be extremely happy.  It may sound crazy but spending the day there really filled me up with a new enthusiasm for the hobby.  Then there was the shop……….now that was an experience my wallet will never forget.  I bought so much stuff it was scary and even bought a set of the realm of battle boards and an expansion board from Forgeworld which has the entrance to an Imperial underground bunker on it.  Then there were the 3 dreadnoughts, battle defenses, garden of Morr and more models than I can remember but did end up spending almost £850 which is roughly $1327!!!!!! Yikes indeed but when you are there you get totally engulfed in it and I could oh so easily have spent 3 times as much but on the plus side at least I now have plenty of stuff to keep me occupied with building and painting them.

We went back to the miniature museum to have a final look round and got talking to one of the workers there who explained about the miniatures being taken away for photo shoots and about the different themed displays that they often do.  She then asked if we were willing to wait a few minutes till she had finished putting the miniatures back in the display cabinet and that if we did she would let us get a great photo opportunity.  Obviously we said yes and I spent the next few minutes wondering if we were going to get a sneak peek at something new. But no she actually brought out THE slayer sword.  She explained that this sword is the one that all the slayer sword winners get photographed with but that they then get given a replica to take away.  She then let us all get our pictures taken holding it and I know that this is the only way I will ever get my hands on it but both the boys were laughing saying that maybe one day they would be there holding it for real.  Well I wish them all the luck in the world with that ambition and will finish up by saying that although I love this hobby and thought I was well into it after spending the day there I was totally filled with a new level of enthusiasm and excitement I never thought possible.  So for anyone who can visit it then do it you will not be disappointed and we have all agreed (even my partner who is not into the hobby at all), that we will be going back again.

In my dreams

So until next time when I will be back with part 6 of my Dark Angels series happy gaming.


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That’s so cool. That place is the mecca of WHFB/40K nerdom. Walking away from there inspired is far from crazy, it’s damn well expected. I don’t know how you could be anything but inspired after a day there.

Awesome pics. Glad you shared your adventure.

Gareth Newton-Williams
Gareth Newton-Williams

I think you have to visit Warhammer World to really get a sense of the ‘hobby’ as promoted by the boys in red shirts.

Everything about it is fantastic, the statues, the tables, the bar, the decor, the mini gallery, the only GW which sells forgeworld over the counter (so far).

I’ve been there for a couple of big events and it’s an absolutely fantastic venue.


I’d second the thought that it’s a sort of Mecca for miniature wargamers. Anyone who can should make the effort to get there, play a game or two and drink in the armosphere of the place.

Spectre Senence

That was a great article, I will have to plan a trip there myself and now be prepared to save a lot of money for shopping 8)
Thanks for sharing the story and the pics. I already saved the Peter Jackson Hobbit to my pictures


This was a great article on what looks like a fantastic trip. I’m a bit jealous.
And congrats on the Slayer Sword ;)