This is him ACTUAL SIZE! Bonnie Prince Charlie was a very wee man.

Welcome To Scotland

This is him ACTUAL SIZE! Bonnie Prince Charlie was a very wee man.
This is what Scotland looks like, honest.

That awkward first post…

Hi, I’m Grumhelden.   I have other blogs, you may have read them, you probably haven’t.  Either way your thinking “who’s this guy?”.   I’m Scottish, from Glasgow, I’m full on working class and I play Games, nah, I *love* games.  For my part here on Creative Twilight, I’m hoping that I can contribute more about the how’s and why’s, as opposed to the who’s and what’s of our hobby.  There will be batreps, tournament reports and progress reports on the Blood Bowl Team I’m converting up, in future, god willing.  For now, let me kick off with some stuff on how things are here in Scotland in gaming terms.  I’m sticking to gaming terms because I don’t want to ruin that image of a kilted ginger Janitor you have in head right now.

Here in Glasgow we are especially blessed and lucky to have quick access to the rest of the country,  several clubs and organised societies and a great FLGS, a burgeoning Warmachine scene and several people making very strong efforts to get something regular and organised for 40k.  Flames of war is enjoying a resurgence as well, with the shop through in Livingston(worlds at war) hosting regular events.  We have also started to adopt more of an American “Con” approach to a wargames show and that is a very, very good thing.   The UK scene as a whole and Scotland in particular has that feel of being just on the verge of igniting.

With regards to wargaming shows, these used to be a vital part of the UK hobby, but recent years have seen them start to decline into moribund irrelevance: most smaller shows are only attended by people who feel like they need to be there for their mates.  A whole generation of gamers avoids these old school shows like the plague that they are, and for good reason.   There’s always on, constant, personal communication now.  I mean, in all likely hood you are reading this from somewhere in or near a major American city, you probably game in a store, and you probably travel distances each day to game that we poor Scots would likely never travel in our lives.  The social web has revolutionised the hobby.  The social web has made gaming meet-ups something you can arrange via facebook or twitter.  It is no longer a clique of gentlemen in overwhelmingly beige comfy trousers dictating from on high how we should play our games.   This hobby is ours now.

There is a new breed of gamer, a new generation with a new voice and new expectations.  Anyone reading this has that voice as powerful as any other.  We don’t want things dictated to us, we will do things as we dashing well please.  The shows that are coming up this year are embracing this zeitgeist with gusto, with more tournaments, competitive play and participatory games mingling with the obscure scales and dodgy smelling flea markets.  This year, in Scotland alone there will be over 20 warmachine events, at least 5 flames of war events planned and a whole raft of monthly tournaments for 40k.  We are organising a Blood Bowl Nationals, with regional heats and national finals.  We are doing for ourselves, so we can all share the love of rolling that 6.

I’ll look at the ways this is being achieved next time, and hope that some of the lessons can help you out where you are, or even better, that people can tell us what we have done wrong!


Until then, yer a lang time deid.

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Welcome To Scotland
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