White Scars Scouts

White Scars Scouts Painting Showcase

Two posts in two weeks! Is hell freezing over…it sure looks like it outside.

I was able to plug through my 10 man White Scars scout squad. I don’t know how well these guys will play out especially with the mixed weapon load out. They were pieced together from bitz and specifically for the FS narrative campaign, so I am not really worried about them being effective.

White Scars Scout Gallery

As far as how they came out, I was really pleased with what I achieved. At one point I thought I had totally screwed the pooch throwing on the oil wash after painting on the shoulder icons. The turpentine in it pulled off a lot of the markings. But, since my goal was to really play up the weathering, to end up with a unit that looked like they have been on campaign for months, I feel like I succeeded.

It was a lot of fun to play around with pigments and oils to see what would happen.


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White Scars Scouts Painting Showcase
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