Hobby: Khorne Berzerker Painted

Khorne IconTo break up the fun of cleaning off mold lines on countless models I painted up a Khorne Berzerker. You’ll have to pardon the lack of lighting. It’s an overcast day and I didn’t feel much like setting up something to get better lighting, I’m lazy :)

So the goal with the model was to paint up something that was clean but still gritty and dark. I’m a big fan of washes and often rely on them and I made use of them on this model, which is obvious, but didn’t wash everything as I often do, I just worked it in selectively. By selectively I mean only where needed, not minimal use. I like strong shading so I washed/lined all the red to get that dark feel I wanted while keeping the blood red. All in all I’m happy with how he came out.


  • Dude, nice!  I especially like the face – that’s probably my weakest part of painting, and you did a great job on it.  Any chance we can get a tutorial on how you paint them?  :)

    • Thanks.

      Base coat with mechrite red foundation paint followed by bloody red (Vallejo). I used devlan mud to wash the ‘edges’ and then orange fire (Vallejo), for highlights.

      The gold is polished gold (Vallejo), with a wash of ogryn flesh where needed.

      Flesh is pale flesh (Vallejo), washed with ogryn flesh and then highlighted with pale flesh again and extreme highlights with pale flesh + white. The wash went on darker than I was expecting, don’t do much flesh usually, but it does give some strong shadows which I think works for a crazy madman like a Berzerker.

      • It’s a good look, and it sounds like relatively few steps to achieve.  

        • It’s not too bad, though red is red and notoriously a pain even with a foundation paint base coat. Being the first one I definitely did some stuff the hard way but the next ones should go quicker.

  • Anonymous

    Nice work. Smooth, yet still menacing.
    Thank you for not going with the stereotypical “splattered in gore” look some folks give their Zerks.
    Only thing that I’m not a huge fan of is that off-white flock on the base. Looks too much like a dead teddy bear.

    • haha, dead teddy bear! It does look better in person and not so up-close. Obviously it’s snow flock and is easy to do, a key requirement for most of my basing, but it isn’t perfect admittedly. I have a good snow basing method but I just wasn’t feeling up to the process required for each base so I opted for something that’s reasonable and not too sucky.

  • Dave Garbe

    That looks fantastic. Love the contrast and colours!

    • When great painters compliment my work I’m happy :)

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