Chaos Lord Psykill Painting Showcase

Some of you will recognize this as the model I use as my counts-as Huron Blackheart. I also use him as a stock Chaos Lord and had to get some alternative arms painted up for it. So, it’s very much like what you saw before but with a different lightning claw and a power fist.

Chaos Lord Psykill

The power fist technique is something new I decided to try. In the past I’ve just painted the entire fist that glowing pink and it’s looks OK, but not great. Seeing as this is a Chaos Lord, I figured I’d put some more effort into it and come up with something better. It’s not perfect but I do like how the fist came out. I borrowed largely from Ron’s technique for my process.

Oh, he now a name now, as the article title indicates. Sometimes I will use a game as inspiration to name a model, if I haven’t come up with something already, and that’s the case here. I was playing a game against Eldar and getting my ass handed to me; there was no way I could win. My Chaos Marines were fighting a Seer Council with a Farseer and my Aspiring Champion was in a challenge with the Farseer. The Farseer had the shard, an instant death item, thus the Aspiring Champion issuing the challenge. Once I realized all was lost I did a heroic intervention with my Chaos Lord, who was unwounded and with everything to lose, and smashed the Farseer in the challenge. Thus the name Psykill was created because I’m a bit lame and like the play on words ;)

  • Castigator

    That’s a really nice and unusual effect for the claws, it works really well with the armour.

    I hope you don’t mind the constructive criticism, but I don’t think it works with his skin tone. I know that the skin tone is carried across a lot of your CSM models and the contrast with your armour works great, but with the pink power effect I think it clashes too much. Personally I’d make the skin tone a bit paler or reduce the yellow tint highlight (make it less orangey) to stop it clashing as much.

    Great model nonetheless ;-)

    • Thanks and feedback is always welcome.

      The skin tone is unique to each model actually. I just like experimenting too much with daemonic skin tones to stick to one. That model is done and sealed though. This round was just the magnetized arm options to replace the others when he’s Huron.

      That being said, I like the tone. I don’t see it clashing with the skin, more as a complimentary color instead of a contrast. Paler would have given more contrast for sure but that head was a pain in my ass. I documented it when I was painting him but let’s just say that head didn’t come out as planned but I thought it was cool anyway so just left it alone at that point. I had to stop for my sanity :)

  • Love the pink effect on the fists. It is really striking and adds a real nice focal point to the model.

    Its cool he has a backstory too. I think it really helps bring your force alive on the tabletop when characters and squads have an identity and story you can follow :)

    • Thanks.

      I had him originally without the glowing parts of the fist, just the glowing claw, and it was too plain. I had to get the pink on the fist too and it really made it pop.

      Characters like that are always way more fun to play too. Sure, he’s a stock Lord with stock options but the story makes you feel compelled to root for him and keep him alive.

  • Warren Falconer

    Excellent paint job and conversion. I will say the pose looks a bit off to me but the there’s not a check of a lot you can do with those old berzerker legs.

    • Thanks.

      Yeah, same pose as before; just some new arm options. I agree, it is a bit off and I could have taken some more time to get it right but ultimately I said, “Good enough,” with it.

  • I like the choice of colors. Cool!

  • Great job as always, Thor! I am also a fan of the pink power weapons. They contrast nicely with the armor scheme an it’s also a detail that makes your army stand out from others.

    • Thanks. I’m happy with how my Barbie power weapons come out :)

  • I love the pink fists/claws as a separate element to the model. I do feel that they need a bit of a tie in with the model itself. Maybe some of that same energy on the backpack. I do realize this is a “dual” piece, so that might be hard to do. I’m just try to remember that triangle around the mini, and how your eye flows!

    • I feel the face completes the triangle, but it may just be me. It’s not the same color as the power weapons but is of a similar tone.

      • You also have direct access to the model. I can only comment on a photo of it :).

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