Rebel Grots quick update: Heavy Weapon bases painted

Hello all,

I got the bases for the two infantry squad lascannon teams painted.  This is the first time I’ve painted a base before attaching the model so I figured I’d grab a couple of shots before I paint and attach the models:

Rebel Grot LC base 2 Rebel Grot LC base 1In keeping with the urban rubble theme I thought it would be cool to have the infantry weapons hiding behind some ruined walls.  I’m pretty happy with how the brick came out.  I’m hoping to get one of the lascannon teams painted up and mounted on the base this weekend.

Thanks for looking!

  • I keep saying it but I do really like how these are coming out. I think it’s some of your best work.

    • Thanks! It’s an army I’ve been thinking about for a long time and I want to do it justice. It’s an army that should have a lot of character. I’ve also reached a point where I’m not in a big rush to get them on the table, as I usually am. I don’t want to do each grunt to a character standard but I’m doing them more for the hobby aspect than the game aspect at this point. Suddenly I don’t mind spending an entire evening on bases.

      • It’s the beauty of allies; it’s not an entire army that needs paint. I’m looking forward to working on some myself…one of these days.

        • It’s the best of both worlds. It’s like adding a unit to an existing army so I don’t feel rushed to bang out a whole army. But it’s also a new army so you get the new army buzz.

  • TheRhino

    Those are nice. I like the mold./lichen you added to the corner. Really makes the scene come alive.

    • Thanks! I’m planning to add some flock/static grass to some of the other bases as well to tie them together a little. Not a lot, just on the ones with big enough cracks to have a plant poking through.

  • Nifty. I presume those are personally crafted and not resin casts? Did you make the stone bases with cork?

    • Thanks. I bought a 12 x 12 flooring tile at Home Depot for $.68 and broke it up to make little slabs. I used maybe 10% of it for the two infantry squads. The walls are pink styrene foam. After all of that was glued in place I added slate for smaller debris and sand to fill the gaps.

      • As in ceramic tile, or is that the plastic stuff?

        • It’s their ceramic tile.

          • Correction. The web site lists these as ceramic but I was in the store yesterday and the spec sheet says it’s a vinyl composite. That explains why it’s softer than I expected a ceramic to be.

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