Scouts Complete and 1K White Scars List

100_1688Two posts in two weeks! Is hell freezing over…it sure looks like it outside. I was able to plug through my 10 man White Scars scout squad. I don’t know how well these guys will play out especially with the mixed weapon load out. They were pieced together from bitz and specifically for the FS narrative campaign, so I am not really worried about them being effective. As far as how they came out I was really pleased with what I acheived. At one point I thought I had totally screwed the pooch throwing on the oil wash after painting on the shoulder icons.(The turpentine in the was pulled off a lot of the markings). But since my goal was to really play up the weathering, to end up with a unit that looked like they have been on campaign for months, I feel like I succeeded. It was a lot of fun to play around with pigments and oils to see what would happen.

100_1688 100_1691 100_1689






So with that I have been pondering on a list for this weekend. It should be a fun relaxing few games. Here is 1k of white scars for your consideration.

ml2, bolt pistol, force sword

Tactical Squad(10)
flamer, melta bomb, rhino

Tactical Squad(10)
melta gun, melta bomb, rhino

Scout Squad(6)
shotguns, melta bomb

drop pod, melta bomb

Storm Talon
sky hammers, assault cannon

Bike Squad(5)
grav gun,flamer, melta bomb

I wanted to put a lot of bodies on the field and have a good deal of mobility. Nothing in here hits very hard so it will interesting how it plays. Short post here hopefully I can have a recap next week after the tourney.

Happy Friday!



  • These guys look great. The weathering came out awesome; nice and gritty. Scouts are one of my favorite models and it’s nice to see them get this kind of attention.

    The list looks solid; a nice core of scoring bodies with support.

  • TheRhino

    Very nice!
    I wouldn’t worry too much about armament. The bolters make for a good core, the snipers add something to the mix at range, and the shotguns add something up close. I was very sad that the missile launcher on the scouts went up in points so much. I find I keep cutting mine out of lists.
    Your big decision will be during deployment. Do you put the shotties up front to soak the first few long range wounds, or the snipers out front when advancing to close range.

  • These look great! They definitely have a nice mid-campaign feel to them.

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