Showcase: Chaos Lord on Steed of Slaanesh

Well, I’ve finally finished painting a model I started working on in August of 2015, my Chaos Lord on Steed of Slaanesh. So, it only took 16 months to do! It was a classic case of needing a model for something, changing my mind, and forgetting about it. I almost let this sit for longer still, seeing as I’m working on my Blood Bowl team, but it only needed a few more hours, so I figured it was time to finish it.

Chaos Lord Gallery

The Model

Currently the Lord is armed with a Burning Brand of Skalathrax, and obviously a lightning claw. Everything – as usual, is magnetized, including torso to the Steed. So, I can swap arms, backpack, and even put on another rider, like a Sorcerer.

The current armament was for a list idea I had at the time. Now that we have Traitor Legions, I’ll have to evaluate options for him. However, for the sake of getting the model complete, I just went with what I had already begun with.

The Painting

Overall I’m please with the model, but it’s not my favorite in this setup. The lightning claw is awkward I feel. I do like the rest of it, but another arm in place of that Lightning Claw would go a long way towards balancing out the model.

The Steed of Slaanesh I’m very happy with. I think he came out well. It’s probably a bit too lean to be carrying a power armored Marine, but it looks cool in my opinion.

Lastly, the model is my continued experimentation with getting better with blending. I don’t aim for perfect, seamless blending. I just want something that looks good at a distance. I did play around a bit more with a more NMM look to it, but it’s pretty subtle. I picture power armor being a matte finish for practicality, so I didn’t go as strong with highlights as you’d normally see with NMM.

Well, one last completed model for 2016. I didn’t finish nearly as many models as I wanted to for this year, but I did get my Knight done, so I can’t complain.

  • Berman

    The claw position may be awkward due to being so out to the side vs the Flamer that is tucked in tight. However the pink glow off the blades gives a great eye popping element to the model.

    I also really like the deep snow the steed is working through.

    • I agree. The idea was he was getting ready to use his claw, so the flamer is in tight. Solid theory, but awkward. A more outspread arm to match the claw, or a tighter one to match the flamer would work. Either way, that’s the beauty of magnets, I’ll match arms up better at some point. Just wanted to get this sucker done.

      After years and years, I feel I’ve finally nailed the snow on the basing. The trick I’ve learned is to build it up in layers. It looks more realistic, like it’s piling up from various storms. It also just looks more interesting than very low-lying snow.

      • Berman

        If the claw hand was pointing forward rather than to the side it would look really slick.

        • Good call. I’ll have to see if I have any like that for when I get back to this guy.

  • Looks nice and glad to see him finished in the end.

    • Thanks. Figured I’d close out the year with one more model. Not that I keep count, but it’s been a slow year getting anything completed. Sometimes it’s just nice to get something done.

  • Looking pretty sweet. Great work and one heck of a way to end the year!

    • Thanks!

      Now I need to look at Traitor Legions for Emperor’s Children to see about a list to fit this guy into.

  • jack shrapnel

    nice job! The claw highlights really stand out, along with that banner… great job! (and I kinda like the claw position myself – looks like he’s about to shred someone up!)

    • Thank you.

      The position of the claw doesn’t bother me, it just sits oddly compared to the other arm. The arms just don’t match-up well in terms of posture. That being said, it doesn’t bug me all that much. I knew it was that way when I was modeling it, yet I still went ahead with it :)

  • I think for me, the issue with the arms is that they’re both raised. If he had the Burning Brand down at his side, I think it might work better. Other than that one little posing issue, tho (little because magnets), he looks fantastic. I wouldn’t worry too much about it not being bulky enough to carry a PA Marine, either. I mean, it’s a creature of the Warp. Their motto is basically “F#$% the laws of physics!” ;)

    • The lighting and blending on the arm was done in that position though, so changing it would make things look off. Ah well.

      Fair enough on the ride though. The warp does defy logic.

      • Still easier to fix it with magnets than if it were glued, whether by replacing or repainting.

        • Absolutely right. Odds are that I’ll swap out that claw for another at some point. Who knows, I may change up that configuration entirely.

  • Looks awesome. I do have to ask what the line of thought was in selecting a lizard for Slaanesh.

    • Thanks.

      I used the Cold One because it’s as close to an actual Steed of Slaanesh as I could get without some serious converting. It has the right general shape. Plus, it looks less ridiculous with a Marine on that than using the actual model. The real Steeds, which only exist for Daemonettes, are far too thin and wirey to be convincing for a Marine.

    • Oh, also because of my warband. Being that they are undivided, I try to not use god specific stuff when I can. That’s why Soulgore rides a bull, not an actual Juggernaut.

  • Fantastic as usual! I agree with Westrider that it might look more natural with the brand rotated down. As it is it looks like he’s either rallying some troops or telling the enemy that they’re fucked because he’s the shit. So it still kinda works. The pain is spot on though. I really like how the purple of the steed goes with the rest of your scheme. Well done!

    • Thanks.

      Rotating weapons down when the arm is bent at the elbow always looks a bit weird to me. That is if the weapon were pointed downwards. Still, I did want the weapon kind of shouldered because I thought it looked a bit badass.

      Ah well, magnets and all that. Easy enough to do another arm at some point and give that arm to another Lord. They share well :)

      I did try and keep the purple on the darker side to blend in with the the Lord, but pick out details in contrasting colors so the steed isn’t completely overlooked.

  • Fantastic work on completing him! The colors look awesome and I like the use of the Cold One. that’s hardcore you magnetised everything! Both the blends and the amazing snow base look great.

    • Much appreciated. Hopefully he’ll get some use on the table. Of course the fun with magnets is I can find a use for him, if not in the setup he’s currently using :)

      I’d be remiss if I couldn’t create convincing snow basing living where I live ;)

      • Good point, you just need to look out your window for inspiration! How many feet do you currently have up there?

        • It’s not too bad yet. Yesterday we got around 10″, and had only a few inches on the ground prior. We’ve had some nice warm, sunny days lately, which is keeping the snow in check.

          • ‘only 10″… not too bad yet…’ hahaha! Oh to be in one of those states with snow… Seattle would literally implode with that amount of snow!

            • lol, yeah. We also say silly things like, “20 Degrees and the sun is out. What a nice day!” Most regions have their elements you learn to live with, for us it’s snow and cold weather.

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