The Question of Primer (Ammendment)

A few weeks ago I posted about primer and mentioned Dupli-Color as my primer of choice. I’ve had a bit of a love hate relationship with Dupli-Color and the final nail in the coffin was shortly after I posted that article. My experience with it has been that the first half of the can is perfect. It goes on as it should and creates a great surface to be painted. That first half of the can is probably the best primer I’ve used ever. The second half of the can? Yeah, that’s the problem. It seems no matter how much I shake the can, how often, the temperatures and humidity I work at, the second half of the can goes on watery and coverage is terrible. So much so that I had to strip down a few figures I was working on. This has been pretty consistent for me, the second half being nowhere near as good as it should be and needing to strip down models was it for me. I’ve since been using Krylon’s black primer and have been very impressed. I had a really hard time finding it. None of the big stores carry it, Lowe’s, Home Depot, couldn’t find it at Walmart either, but I eventually found it at a local hardware store. I’ve gone through one entire can already and from start to finish it went on as it should.

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