Chaos Allies: Giving Imperial Guard a Go

Imperial GuardI held off on making my preferred choice on an allied detachment until the Daemons codex came out. Let me be honest, I have not looked over the Daemons’ codex thoroughly. I have gone through it all but trying to create a list is something I have not done. The reason being that nothing caught my eye. I’m definitely not saying it’s a bad codex or anything like that, just that nothing jumped out at me and made me want to try them.

Since the introduction of allies I’ve looked at Imperial Guard; hard not to. Now that, for the moment anyway, I’m ruling out Daemon allies it’s time to look at Imperial Guard closer. The simple idea of traitor Guard excites me more so than Daemons did even prior to this codex when I did ally them on occasion. I can’t put my finger on it but something about traitor Guard has me wanting to just go buy stuff and get painting.

The other thing that pushed this desire when the last time I played Kamui and he allied Imperial Guard with his Orks. He had great success with them and they perfectly supplemented his force. This is what I’m aiming to do as well, to fill the holes in my list. One of the primary things I aim to do with Imperial Guard is get cheap scoring bodies. Cultists aren’t bad at 4pts a model but a Guardsman at 5pts a model is better in every way. So, my first goal is to use Guard in the same capacity as I was using Cultist, well mostly. Guard actually have weapon choices where Cultists don’t. These choices will allow me to actually give these cheap scoring bodies something useful to do, which will be a nice change of pace. Oh, then of course there are orders. Simply put, there’s no shortage of reasons why I’ll field Guardsman over Cultists.

I have a basic plan I want to try and I’m hoping next week I’ll get to do just that. I’ll be borrowing some Imperial Guard from a friend and trying out my ideas to see if things pan out. As much as I’d like to just start buying up stuff, I’m also pragmatic enough to hold that back until some testing.

Back to Daemons for a few here. My thought on that front is to wait a while and let our local Daemon players, who are probably reading this now, get the chance to work through the codex. They will know far better than I what’s possible with the codex and work through the nuances of it. I was pretty overwhelmed in reading it at first, so much new stuff that I didn’t know where to start. Once they come to grips with it and are comfortable then I’ll look into it again. All the while I’ll hear their experiences and get the chance to learn the codex at a leisurely pace.

  • JustHippie

    If your game didn’t go all night Wed I’d have got a chance to talk to you about some ideas.

    I know you like the big guys and taking a Thirster and unlocking a flying DP as a heavy in allies could do it for you. Or a Lord of Change with Divination ML2 stock at 230pts is a good buy and could really help out your CSM. You seem to have the fast and choppy CSM guys so maybe shooty Daemons or just Divination buffs would help. Possibilities are huge since just like CSM there are so many good things. No real over the top ones like Heldrakes. :P

    • It was two games :P

      I do enjoy the big guys but the problem there is working them in without giving up too much. I mean, 230pts for 1 HQ isn’t terrible if you’re doing a Daemon army and it’s above 1,500pts. When it’s 230pts for an HQ when it’s allies that’s a lot. The Princes are just an expensive now as Chaos ones and for what I’d use them for no different.

      I need to look into the Daemon powers more to get a feel for that. I was looking it over, and all the new weapons/wargear/special rules/aaaah! and my eyes were crossing.

      • JustHippie

        That 230pts is already ML2, WS,BS,S,T 6 W5, I6, A5 FMC. the Stock Tzeentch power is WC1 gets 2D6 S5 AP4 warpflame, soulblaze. for 25pts he is ML3 and can take Divination. WAY better than your Prince for the points. Or like I suggested before your Skulltaker and BL’s are much cheaper now.

        Did you buy the codex? Even your KoS model is great now for 170pts.

        • I wasn’t comparing the Greater Daemons to a Prince, I was comparing your Prince to the Chaos Prince, stock guys.

          Let’s just say I have the codex ;)

          • JustHippie

            Time to get 10 more BL’s.

            • No kidding. My 10 never did anything useful back when they were better, never-mind now.

              • JustHippie

                Only problem with Skulltaker is he has the Adamantium will Locus which is not as good as Rage or hatred. Maybe better off with a custom Herald although Skulltaker is also EW. On a Jugger he is T5 with 3 wounds for 145pts and before he was 140 on foot and not cavalry. Yum

  • As you know by now, I’m a big fan of IG allies. They fit the fluff for pretty much any other army and have a ton of cool modelling opportunities. The HQ and Troops section have a good variety so you’re not stuck buying something that doesn’t quite fit just to get the units you really want. They’re cheap enough to leave you plenty of room for other units. And since they can be used as allies for so many armies it’s easy to keep them on the table regardless of what you’re using.

    Have you put much thought into modelling options? There are a number of fantasy kits that would mix well with cadian/catachan models, and the cultist models could be mixed in as well.

    • I’ve been eyeballing this stuff wishfully:

      I’m aiming for that Cultist look instead of stock IG.

      • Those look pretty cool. Would you convert all of your guardsmen or mix in standard and converted? It wouldn’t be too difficult to add masks and hoods to most of the Cadian heads so you don’t have to buy FW parts for all of them.

        I think Empire Flagellants with Catachan arms would fit the cultist look well. I’ve also seen the Cadian kits mixed with Vampire Counts Zombies to good effect, though it has a decidedly Nurgle feel to it.

        • I’m sure I’ll end up doing some kitbashing, well mostly kitbashing since it will be cheaper. I’d love to get the FW parts for things like the Command Squad though.

          I’ll have to look at those zombies. I’m always checking out fantasy kits for Chaos stuff, now to look for IG too.

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