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Chaos Allies - Imperial Guard PosterI’m far from done my Chaos army in terms of collecting (is anyone ever truly done collecting?), but it’s built up enough at this point that I feel comfortable exploring allies. So, I figured I’d explore the options a bit here.

Kamui mentioned the other week the same thing I’m about to, Imperial Guard. They are the most commonly used ally for good reason, cheap and versatile. That aside, they appeal to me as well from a hobby/fluff perspective as traitor Guard. They are my top consideration for an ally for much the same reason they appealed to Kamui, cheap heavy weapons and more bodies. Not only would I be able to put down more scoring units, I can put down precious heavy weapons, something Chaos typically lacks. Additionally, they are units suited for hanging back and hunkering down, unlike most of my Chaos units. The downside, to me anyway, is that I hate doing what everyone else is and everyone is using Imperial Guard for allies.

Next up we have Daemons, the obvious fluffy choice. I have some Daemons already, 10 x Bloodletters, Skulltaker, a Greater Daemon of Slaanesh and two Princes. The Greater Daemon and Princes were originally part of my Chaos army but with the removal of Greater Daemons, and Princes getting very pricey, they’ve moved into my Daemon collection.

Anyway, the problem here is that Daemons don’t really give me what I feel I need, long-range anti-vehicle fire support. What they can do for me though is give me a way to put further pressure on my opponent early. My Chaos list is built for speed and dropping Daemons on someone gives my fast units support, or at the very least forces some target priority choices by my opponent. Of course if doing this I would need units capable, even if by a long shot, of opening up transports and tanks.

The last option I’m considering is Orks. They aren’t much for range but there are some affordable options like Kannons and Lootas. I could also get some more cheap scoring units and tossing Boyz in Trukks will let them keep up with my fast Chaos units. I love Orks, though I rarely play them at all these days, but the thought of allying them in with Chaos doesn’t really appeal to me. It would be more of a choice of effectiveness (potentially anyway), and I’m not really one for choosing things solely based on effectiveness. I need to be interested in something (for whatever reason), to include it and Orks just aren’t doing it for me.

Necrons are an option as well but I’d just feel dirty using them.

Ah, so much to consider…

  • khorneinquisitor

    I say daemons. No army has better specialized units. Anti-tank is an obvious choice for you. Screamers. Being jet bikes that can wound by going OVER something, an AP 2 S5 attack, and two wounds you just can’t beat it. Flamers also. Both are pretty cheap. You could field 6 flamers for 138 or 6 screamers for 150. That’s 12 wounds, all backed up by invuln saves and eternal warrior. Masque is also a great option. With a 3++ and two wounds, she makes for a tough target to crack often as many people don’t want to use that blob to gun down a single model. Use the pavane to pull those blobs out from behind ADL, spin walkers so that they are showing rear arc, move units to within 6″ of dirge casters…yeah, the lists are endless. For you the best troop would be plague bearers. A squad of 7 runs 105 points, so that is pretty cheap and tough to kill. Not fast by any means, but with deep strike they don’t have to be. Just drop them on the enemy objective and he has to drop them all to hold the objective. Lastly, soul grinder. He offers all the things you are looking for. AV 13/13/11 and you can give him a S8 AP3 large blast shot. He ha fleet, ignores stunned and shaken results, and has 4 hullpoints, soul grinders weigh in at 160 points with the phlegm upgrade and are always a pain to drop.

    • With the rumors of Daemons seeing an update shortly I’m a bit hesitant. That’s not to say I won’t snag stuff I find a good deal on but I’ll probably hold off on buying new boxes for the moment. That being said, Daemons are my preferred ally in terms of models and fluff.

      • JustHippie

        If you want to borrow anything let me know.

        You already have cheap troops via Cultists, to put some target priority and take heat off your Spawn and Maulerfiend I’d try out Flamers, Screamers, Blue Scribes(have Pavane and can hide in flamers squad), and Nurglings or PB’s like Willy suggested.

        When Crushers become Cavalry I can see you running them too.

        • The trick I’m finding is building an allied detachment that is just that, a detachment and not a full blown force. For example, if I take the HQ and a single troop so I can get at Flamers and Screamers then I’m investing a fair bit at that stage. The more I invest in the allies the less I’m investing in my core and my core Chaos force is bulky.

          This is the problem I’m having with Daemons, point efficient selections that compliment my army, not overtake it, know what I mean? Take Imperial Guard on the other hand. I can put down 4 different units (~30 bodies w/4 lascannons), for around 200pts. Now, 200pts of Daemons doesn’t get me much at all.

          I may have to borrow your codex so I can really sit down with it.

          • khorneinquisitor

            No way are you doing 200 points for that. If you are looking at lascannons, you take a company command (50), a platoon (130). That is 180 now. You can tag in 4 lascannons bringing you to 260 points, and two of the lascannon squads are 4 model units so about as durable as a pane of glass. For 260 points you can take a barebones herald of tzeentch for 50, 3 nurglings for 39, then 6 flamers (138) which will do a LOT more than 4 BS 3 lascannon shots and weighs in at only 227 so over 30 points cheaper and an extra 23 wounds versus the guard giving you a total of 30.

            • I was approximating. That being said, it’s still 3 troop choices (if broken out), and an HQ. Sure, it’s BS3 lascannons but it’s also more bodies and more flashlights. No argument on what Daemons can do for those points but what it isn’t doing it giving me more troops packing a way of busting tanks.

              I suppose it’s a difference of approach. IG will give me a more defensive option great for sitting at home where Daemons gives me offense with the hope of pulling heat off my troops.

              • JustHippie

                With your Fast Melee oriented build you have going I think Daemons fit that style much better. Deep striking is as fast as it gets at getting into position. I understand your interest in IG but think if you try it and watch them get roasted you’ll change your mind.

                • I did make a list with Daemons that I think will work out. I’ll have to borrow some Horrors, Flamers and a Herald of Tzeentch on a disc. Only way to see what I like is to test it out.

              • The Company Command squad are veterans, so that lascannon is BS4. Also, the Company commander can issue two commands per turn, allowing you to twin-link two squads.

                Fluff wise, they both fit nicely. From a utility standpoint IG could ally with any of your current armies while Daemons can’t. And refusing to do something because it’s popular is as bad as blindly following the flock.

                As you said, it comes down to a difference in approach. Do you want something to sit back and lay down covering fire, or do you want something to alpha strike in and force your opponent to worry about where you’ll strike from next?

                • Odds are at some point I’ll have both for allies. That way I can change up based on my mood. Putting down some Forgefiends backed by a bunch of lascannons could be fun.

  • TheRhino

    Yeah, everyone seems to be going Guard-crazy of late. All those cheap lascannons. I’m thinking I might go in a different direction and ally in Grey Knights. Of course, you can’t do that with Chaos Marines. Dirty oathbreakers!

    • khorneinquisitor

      Bah, they didn’t break their oathes, they just interpreted them differently :)

  • Von

    Is there another, more developed reason for not using Necrons?

    • The new Necrons haven’t really interested me. I have a small Necron force that I never bothered expanding when they got their new codex because I lacked interest.

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