Chaos Marines: First Experience

Chaos MarinesLast night I played against Dark Angels with my Chaos Marines using a list I’m planning on taking to next month’s big 40K tournament. The list is far from great as I’m using what I own, what I have painted or can paint before the tournament, and working what I can within the comp system for the tournament.

So first up, I lost big. We played Target Priority and slogging the long way (lost my Rhinos out the gate), made me pretty easy to deal with for my opponent. I wasn’t really expecting to win between what I’m working with for a list and working with a new codex. Now for the observations/learning experiences.

I ran a rather pricey Daemon Prince of Tzeentch with all the trimmings and mastery level 3. He had some unfortunate luck and went down early. That being said, there was some information gleamed from his limited use. First up, as is obvious with the new stat line on Princes, they are built for close combat. Your typical units need 5’s to hit and the Prince swings at I8. The downside being they are no longer eternal warrior and so you need to pick your fights.

Mastery level 3 on a Prince I also don’t feel is the best option. Choices are nice but you’re paying 75pts for master level 3 on top of an already expensive HQ choice. Again, I see the Prince more for vector striking and smashing into units and less as your primary psyker choice. If you want to go nuts with psychic powers then I feel a Sorcerer is the better option as he’s cheaper and can be hidden. Now, mastery level 1, or even 2, is considerable. I think the best psychic power options on these guys is maledictions to make his job of crushing units easier.

In general mark of Nurgle, unsurprisingly, is gold. All the other marks have their use but they are more situational. Having any unit with +1 toughness is an all around solid choice on any unit. Having Obliterators at T5 saved my ass so many times last night as my opponent had no less than 7 lascannons in his list.

Well, that’s it for now. How has everyone’s experience with the new Chaos been?

  • Billy

    I think the prince has to take a mark if im not mistaken.

    • You’re completely right. I overlooked that entirely. Thanks for pointing that out.

      • If anyone is wondering, I had a bit about Prince marks above not realizing you had to take one as I mentioned shaving points but not marking yourself.

        • Lukas

          if you wanna get super technical. The Prince can’t even take a mark!
          He becomes a “Daemon of ____” :P

  • I agree there doesn’t seem like much benefit to giving the prince psychic mastery. At 25 points per level you’re giving up something else to take it. You also have to take at least one from the corresponding god, and only the Nurgle powers all look appropriate to his purpose. I suppose you could go all out and give him one from Nurgle and two from Biomancy in order to de-buff the target and buff himself on the way in but it doesn’t really seem worth the points. Personally, I think I’d run him as a Daemon of Slannesh for the re-rolls to charge distance. Wings or not I would want to get him into hth as quickly as possible.
    Losing EW sucks, but at T5 he only needs to worry about S10 and force weapons. He’s also a character, so in many cases you can challenge out the scary squad leader and destroy him at I8 to almost guarantee you keep him locked in combat through the enemy shooting phase.

    Well, this comment has become longer than I intended. What did you think of the other units?

    • Let’s see. The Lord didn’t see combat, not surprising really. Plagues are still great as they’ve always been and will remain my favorite unit. CSM weren’t bad with the mark of Nurgle (MoN); very point efficient. Oblits with MoN were awesome. I also tossed MoN on Havocs (can you guess my favorite mark?), and they held up well with it in cover. Other than the Prince, mentioned above, that’s all I’ve tried out.

  • Epaminondas

    I think you will fair better against other people- Termies and LRs were definitely a weak point for you with the Oblits being your only real AP2 weaponry. Hammer and Anvil was tough on you as well, as it meant you had to hustle every turn to even try to contest two objectives… and I didn’t rush into you (winning the two objective placement was critical on the secondaries… even though I almost blew it moving off one).

    Forgetting nightfight turn one for both of us wasn’t great either.

    As to your list, the only obvious target I had was the oblits… the different speed of your units meant I had a constant stream of units become threats one at a time, not putting overwhelming pressure on me.

    I wonder if it would have been different if your rhinos stayed mobile longer.

    Maybe ditch the daemons for more CSM? Mounting up four in rhinos might have worked better. (comp dependent of course)

    The good news is you will curb stomp me at the Standoff, everytime I play a test game, if I play the same player in the tournament, the results are reversed… :)

    Considering warlord traits are now getting to be put in the codexs, will they start be used in the missions?

    • We also goofed on the objectives. We needed to place them before deployment as placing them after knowing our deployment allowed for you to sit on two of them. That alone could have altered a lot. Live and learn!

      My issue, as we talked about last night (and I know you’re dealing with), is playing a list that is possible to have table-ready for next month. If I had free reign then my list would change a lot. Meanwhile I’m just going to try and make the best of what I have.

      The missions don’t disallow warlord traits, it’s that people generally don’t want to do them. I agree though, with them being on codices, Chaos to start with at least, we’ll need to reconsider it as people will want to build lists around them. If they build a list with it in mind and then can’t use it, well that would suck.

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