Chaos Marines: My Plan

Fast: Chaos MarinesThe interwebz is covered in Chaos Marines articles and this is one for the pile. As I’ve mentioned recently, I’m getting ready for a 40K tournament next month and so I’m focused on that and using the units I have. However, once that is done then it’s time to refocus on what my plan is for my Chaos army. See, I haven’t bought any of the new toys yet. I’m avoiding distractions on the hobby front and new models, though pretty, are distractions. Of course this doesn’t mean that I haven’t thought about what I’d like to do. There’s one direction that I’ve always enjoyed with armies, though none of pulled it off in the manner I was completely happy with, and that’s speed.

Chaos Bikers got stupid cheap. You pay 70pts for 3 Bikers, one is the Champion, and then 20pts per-bike after. To compare, Space Marines pay 90pts base for 3 Bikers, one is the Sergeant, and then 25pts per-bike after. No Attack Bikes for Chaos but they can be marked and take an icon. Add in that 6th edition made Bikes better and this is a unit I want to get going sooner than later.

We also have Chaos Spawn who are not useless any longer. For 30pts you get a S5, T5, W3 model that has rage, gets some neat random abilities and can be marked. They have no save, unless they roll it in their mutated table, but they are bests and should be able to hit a target in short order. It’s definitely a unit I’m interested in and seeing as I need to own some Spawn in case the Chaos Gods curse my champions, I may as well use them as a unit as well.

I’ve always like jumped infantry and now that Raptors don’t have sucktastic models I’ll be getting some. They’re a bit cheaper than their loyalist counter-part and have all the typical Chaos choices.

Then we have the Heldrake. He seems to inspire a love/hate feeling with regards to the model. I know some people bought this thing as soon as it came out but I’m going to hold off a bit. I think it’s a solid choice but in consideration with what I own and what I feel I need, well he’s not my top priority. I know, I know, Luke.

Changing direction a bit, but relating to future investments, there’s the Forgefiend. I love this model. It’s a cool dino-daemon that shoots a lot. One thing my lists almost always lack is good ranged fire support and this guy fits the bill very well. I’ll be buying this before I buy the Heldrake. Yes, Luke, I know.

If you’re wondering, Luke (occasional author here), told me about 50 times last night that I need to buy a Heldrake.

Anyway, as I said, I’ve always enjoyed fast lists. I’ve never been one for the stand back and shoot approach, too boring for me. The assault phase is also my favorite phase of the game and fast units get to assault…faster! I also enjoy the maneuverability of a fast list; being able to react and counter much more easily than slower lists. It’s one reason I enjoy flying Princes as much as I do.

So, there’s my brain-dump on the direction I’ll be heading with Chaos and I’m looking forward to it.

  • Amberclad87

    I really like the idea of demon princes and lots of bikes pressing the feild while the troops advance to take ground.

    • I need to get more basic troops as well since the cult units are elite normally and to give me some flexibility with my force, like doing just that with Princes. At the moment I’m stuck taking a Lord to get Plagues on the field as troops since my standard troop units are too small right now.

      I’ve got a lot to buy really but it looks like this codex will hold up for years to come.

  • JustHippie

    Maulerfiend! Fast and Nasty, what’s not to like?
    What are your HQ plans? I know for Standoff most likely a Prince to start.
    I hope the Fiend can be magnetized to run as either Mauler or Forge versions.

    • Well, I have some options now on the HQs but haven’t put a ton of thought into it yet. I’m going to have to do some testing and try out my options.
      I’m also hoping to be able to magnetize the Fiends. I can see running it either way depending on my list.

      • JustHippie

        How are you making Plagues troops for the Standoff? Typhus or just Lord/Sorcerer with MoN?

        • Lord; the model I showed you last week. I’d have used Typhus but I want to model a counts-as and just don’t have the time.

      • Epaminondas

        I’ve head on B&C that the models are terrible from a magnetizing perspective; requiring either fantastic modeling skills, or ball and socket magnets.

        • I know Hippie said the Heldrake was a chore to do for the head weapon so I’m not entirely surprised the Fiends aren’t going to be simple either. I suppose it’s the price you pay for pretty cool looking models.

        • JustHippie

          I’ll bring my Helldrake Wed night so you can see how I magnetized it. It took some dremel action but worked out great in the end. I magnetized wings(for storage and transport reasons) and both weapon options. SO 7 magnets total and 2 pins to hold wings aligned like I wanted them.

  • I’m with you, I like to play aggressively. I’m looking forward to seeing how it pans out. What do you think of the Heldrake model by the way? I’m not sold on it I have to say, it just seems a bit too baroque.

    • I like it but I can understand why people wouldn’t like it. Overall I really like the aesthetic changes and additions with Chaos. It’s nice to finally see them set apart from the loyalists by more than a few spikes.

  • I’m sad to see you didn’t include cultists in your review. That’s the thing that has me most excited about the new codex. I really haven’t liked CSM since the Lost and the Damned rules were phased out…

    • I was mostly just mind dumping my thoughts on the expansion of my army; not so much a codex review as those are beyond count on blogs as it is.

      As for them, they’re an awesome buy. I mean, 50pts gets you 10 dudes (IG stats), and 4pts per-model with the ability to buy 25 more. Weapon options are limited, as expected, but you aren’t buying them as a weapon platform. They can also be marked if you want. The unit is hands-down one of the best buys in the codex.

      • Does that mean you don’t have cultist plans in your immediate future?

        • Not at all. I have 20 at the moment and will add more. It’s just I didn’t mention them as they don’t pertain to the fast army elements I’m looking to add and that was more my focus on this article.

  • Lukas

    But its a Draaaaaaaaaagon.
    Also, khorne csm with weapon/pistol.
    15 point berzerkers :D

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