Chaos Rumors: Do You Hear the Voices Too?

Chaos RumorsThe latest Chaos rumors are flying. Do a quick search and you’ll see them everywhere. My take is simple, I’ll believe it when I see it. I’m not going to take time explaining why I think they’re bogus because that just feeds the beast.

I fully expect a lot to change for Chaos and as excited as I am for it I also dread it. It’s hard to build a Chaos army knowing that in the near future there will be a new codex; the only rumor I believe (probably because I want to but it does seem feasible as well). I take that back, it’s not hard to build the army, it’s hard to put time into painting and completing it not knowing if the hard work will be for naught. When the last Ork codex came out I had to do a fair share of alterations on finished models and once I finish a model I hate, hate, hate having to model something on there, paint it and seal it again. The chance for screwing up a completed model makes me nervous.

That being said, I’m just going to put my head down and plow ahead with my army. I mean, what else can I do? Sure, I could put them on the back-burner until I have the codex in my hands but rumors are putting that at fall or even early 2013. The rest of my armies are fully painted already and I enjoy the hobby too much to sit around waiting to see which rumor is more accurate. I’d rather get the army finished and remain active in the hobby than wait around and maybe find out I had nothing to worry about all along.

Any other Chaos players out there putting consideration into the rumors and the impact it will have on you or are you just ignoring them and continuing on also?


  • sonsoftaurus

    Likewise.  After my Sharks I plan to do some serious CSM painting/repainting.

    • Only thing I’m going to hold off on is my Lesser Daemons. It’s one of the rumors I could see happening, the removal of them and Greater Daemons, as much as I’d hate to see it, especially since I recently finished my Greater Daemon. I suppose my GD could become a Prince but he’s without wings which I find a must. I figure they can’t get rid of Princes.

  • Spectre Senence

    Your dread of the rumors for this one are unfortunalty very warranted. I expect the Chaos army to split into the fractions much like fantasy because from my hearing it was successful, meaning it brought chaos players into investing in 2 chaos type armies seeing they had a good chunck from each type [daemons & warriors]. I saw a lot of rumors that are going to focus on the “chapter” of the chaos followers which I believe make them cooler than just having beserkers, noise marines, etc…

    • They’ve already done it once to Chaos Marines, IE: Codex Daemons. What Chaos has left for Daemons are flavorless but I agree, it could happen. However, I would not be investing in a Daemon army either.

  • therhino

    One thing to remember is that these days they don’t seem to like completely removing model options from codexes. The current incarnation of the CSM book seems to have slapped alittle sense into GW’s marketing team when people threw entire armies in the trash (Word Bearers, much?) because entire model ranges were invalidated.
    The current Space Marine bok is a good example. They removed a LOT of command squad and veteran sergeant options from the book in the transition to Fifth, but they shifted the moels over to other slots. All those pimped out jump-pack command squads can be fielded as Vanguard Vets (even though they’re points-heavy). Tyrannic War Vets became Sternguard, etc.
    Same with Necron Pariahs. The unit is gone, but the models can actually still be fielded as Praetorians or Crypteks, with perfectly-matching wargear.
    I think they’ll relabel a lot of the CSM units/models, but they’ll still be usable to some effect.
    I really, really hope they avoid the Traitor Guard part. It makes sense for some Legions (Iron Warriors, Word Bearers), but not for others (Emperor’s Children, Death Guard). I see a lot of FOC-juggling available in the new book, just going on trends of the last several books.

    • I’m inclined to agree with you. Even with Orks they did as much of that as they could but they did still remove entire units like Stikk Bommas and Skar Boyz, neither of which had a place to move to. Well, you could work with Skar Boyz elsewhere, not Stikk Bommas though.

      While they may shuffle things I hope they do it in a way that lets me field things as-is, much like the Marines. As I mentioned above, a Greater Daemon is easily a Daemon Prince of Slaanesh but the lack of wings will likely mean I won’t field him and putting wings on a finished model is not in the cards. Lesser Daemons I could see doing as Cultists easy enough but I’ll have to hold off painting them as I may need to re-model them as I imagine Cultists will have some form of shooting.

      While I understand why GW would never release before hand information like, “These units are going away,” I can’t help but with they would.

      • hippie

         You could simply drill in magnets and then make some magnetized wings for your Keeper.  Of course you are assuming your wings won’t go up to 60 points like Daemons.  if you put a little chap stick on the Keepers back green stuff won’t stick to him so you could sculpt the wings to fit his existing back. 

        • Simply drill magnets? He’s finished, as in all sealed…and he’s metal, always fun drilling regardless, never mind a fully finished model.

          The wing sculpting though isn’t a bad idea. Being that he’s sealed I wouldn’t imagine the GS would really stick to him anyway. I could sculpt them up, paint them and seal them then VERY carefully glue them on.

          • hippie

             With Daemons I drill metal all the time.  My bloodcrusher arms are magnetized and that is a crazy L join under the shoulder.  Use a new sharp drill bit, you’d have to paint over the magnets if you wanted to field him without wings but “you can do it”.  It would be easier to store in foam with removable wings as well.

            • My point was that metal is harder to drill than plastic. I’ve done it too but I don’t relish the idea of it. I just envion slipping with the drill on my painted & sealed model and fucking it all up.

              • hippie

                 I always use my Xacto to make a pilot and then when it’s on a screwed up surface I use 1/16″ first then open that up to 1/8″ for the magnet.

                • I do the same but doesn’t change the fact I hate working on finished models :P

                  • hippie

                    I concede! I concede! OK, OK, Just put him on a shelf next to his trophy

                    • Damn right! I mean, we’ll see :p

      • therhino

        What was the typical wargear of a Stikkbomma, though? Slugga, choppa? That’d fall right into a standard boyz mob.

        • Yes and no. They did have slugga, close combat weapon, frag & krak stikkbombz. If you were unfortunate enough to have bought the Stikk Bommas kit then you had a lot of useless modes as each was holding a stikkbomb, a piece of wargear Boyz can’t get. You could have ripped off the arm though if feeling brave. I mean, they could have been Boyz if people weren’t super concerned with WYSIWYG.

          • hippie

             Or use them as Tankbustas?

          • therhino

            Grenade weapons became a non-WYSIWYG item in 5th.

      • Skar boyz could be nobs or just big looking boyz.  And can’t ork boyz take stikkbombs at 1 point per model?

        As for the wings, the winged wargear is supposed to represent some form of rapid movement including teleportation.  Do you really think you’d have much difficulty playing it that way at the shop? 

        • True, you can put them on Boyz but who does that? :P Every now and then I may toss a chukka on a Trukk but never do I buy them individually.

          Anyway, I have no doubts people would be fine with it, playing him with wings even if he has none. I just don’t want to put down two Princes with wings but only one actually has them modeled, it’s confusing and I hate not playing WYSIWYG. No doubt I’ll devise something if it comes to it, I just hope it doesn’t come to it.

          • I didn’t say it was a good idea to give them stikkbombz, just possible.

            You could also use them as kommandos.

            • I concede! I concede! OK, OK, it worked with Orks apparently, blah, blah, blah. Doesn’t change my conern that I could end up with useless models or models in a configuration that’s not ideal and requires re-modeling :P

              • No, you’ve got a pretty good point actually.  Even though there’s usually a use for most of your old models when a codex is updated there’s always a chance they’ll not be very effeictive as configured.  It’s a risk you take in this type of game, the next edition/update/army could render half your collection pointless. Or at least in need of modification.

                • hippie

                  Careful, people could use this argument for bandwagon jumping.  “I just don’t want my models to become useless”

                • I wouldn’t be so sad if I hadn’t just painted my Greater Daemon. Of course it’s just rumor at this point.

  • I haven’t done any work on my chaos in… well.. forever.  Though, I could see a renewed interest post-codex.  They lost their appeal largely after the Eye of Terror codex faded, but the new talk of cultists could drag me back into the fray…

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