Chaos Marines: The Early Stages of a New Army

Chaos Marines - VoicesLast month I put up an article about an incredible find. As the result of that find I’m now well on my way with a new Chaos Marines army. I have a reasonable core for the army and it’s time to start considering purchases.

See, this is one of the things I love about starting a new army, all the thought and consideration that’s involved. I’m sure some of you hate it and know right off what you want and go for it. I, however, enjoy that contemplation. For me it all starts with the fluff. I thoroughly read the fluff before I seriously look at the army list section. I like to be able to build my army with a concept, a foundation, and often times I find that in the fluff. Now, I’m not talking about putting down terrible units just to have a fluffy themed army. Instead I mean coming up with an army name, if I choose to go DIY, a back story for the army, the paint scheme, etc. This is where it all begins for me.

From there, and sometimes during as is the case now, I start writing up some army lists to try and give myself a starting point. I’m fortunate for the a fore mentioned find and have something to start with so it’s time to add on. Before I begin making purchases though I need to get in some test games and do some proxying. I’d rather avoid buyer’s regret if possible.

Odds are that I won’t be doing any test games though until next month after ‘ard Boyz. As hard as it is with a new army waiting to be played, I need to stay focused on my Marines for ‘ard Boyz. Odds are I won’t move beyond round #1, though I’d like to think I will. Until that time my Chaos Marines are going to have to remain a concept I’m working on.

Speaking of, I’ve made very few solid decisions regarding the army so far. One thing I know I’ll do is play the cult troops as the legion they are affiliated with and paint them up as such. My Berzerkers will be World Eaters and painted appropriately, Plague Marines will be Death Guard, so forth and so on. The idea of having my units painted uniquely like that appeals to me and will also help with alleviating painting burnout, something I’m struggling with now on my Marines; it’s all the same all the time. I also like the visual interest it will bring to a game.

As for anything undivided I’ll be doing a DIY warband. I have a rough scheme idea worked out but haven’t done any test models yet, again waiting on ‘ard Boyz.

I’m excited to start the army and though it will be another month before I really do anything I’ll continue to enjoy all the considerations, mulling over details and just planning the army as a whole.

  • Thor’s Wife

    The kitty looks like a mini Hobey! :)

  • Anonymous

    If you need some random infantry bitz, let me know. I have a small bag of stuff that goes on troopers. Also, several cult-troop weapons (Sons bolters/pads, Noise Marine guns). Hazzard gave them to me to melt into base weights, but if you can actually use them for their intended purpose…

    • I may take you up on that once I figure out what I’m after. Noise Marines are a big possibility.

  • That’s funny, I’m about to start talking about starting a new army myself… get out of my mind!

    • heh, like when we both started a series on blogs months ago?

  • ming from b&c

    I salute you on your decision.  I enjoyed painting an entire chaos marine army last year (or so). 

    • Honestly that was the first step in my consideration of them. You guys did such a good job with them I started getting interested.

  • ming from b&c


  • Anonymous

    Considering how dark Fates Angles are your Chaos should be true evil. I cant wait to see them!

    • Thanks. Hoping to do some test models in the next few weeks.

  • Hotpanda40K

    Do you plan on using each of the Cult troops in conjunction with their favoured gods sacred number?  

    PS – By chance did you use to be a regular member over at the tau online forums?

    • I’ll likely not stick to sacred numbers, or at least let it dictate anything.

      Yep, the same Thor from TO.

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