Codex Khorne Daemonkin – Rok Da Vote (Closed)

Well, it’s been over a month since I started the poll for Khorne Daemonkin and the votes have stalled out. I really wish I would get it into the sidebar to always show but there are downsides to caching.

Anyway, not a bad turnout on voting considering. First, let’s show the results.

[poll id=”47″]

Let’s start from the least voted for options and work up.

At 0% is anyone thinking the codex is over-the-top, nobody. No arguments here. The Blood Tithe is a powerful mechanic, had the potential to push the codex into cheese territory, but it’s really well balanced. Khorne relies on the Blood Tithe to have a chance in my experience instead of it being an overly powerful boost.

So, 4% said they didn’t like it. If Khorne isn’t your favored god, or you felt they could have done more with the codex, then I can see the vote. It’s the first of its kind, Daemonkin, so it will be interesting to see how they handle the other Daemonkin codices.

Next at 13% were those who preferred Chaos Space Marines or Chaos Daemons over Khorne Daemonkin. I don’t begrudge anyone that. Khorne isn’t everyone’s flavor and some likely prefer the diversity offered in CSM or Daemons over the one-dimensional Khorne Daemonkin.

Then there was 13% who said it was OK. Can’t really think of much to add to that. I see it similar to those who voted in favor of CSM or Daemons, just not their preference.

Into the more positive results, 22% voted for it being a good solid codex. I agree. As I said, it’s a well-balanced codex internally and compared to other codices. Being a Khorne codex it has its weaknesses in its single-minded approach but it does what it does well also.

Lastly, 49% voted Blood for the Blood God! (it kicks ass). This was my vote as well. Other than balance, the codex really captures the feel of Khorne. I know its not for everyone but those who like Khorne, I find it hard to be disappointed. It could use some tweaks but all-in-all it’s a great codex.

A pretty good showing for Khorne Daemonkin I feel.


  • It’s very popular at the GT’s as well. Strong army! Very fluffy!

    • Was curious if it was seeing much play at a larger level like that. That’s good to hear.

      • One list used two D bloodthirsters, and an utter crap tone of flesh hounds. The flesh hounds would pin things down, then the bloodthirsters would jump in and annihilate what they pinned down. Rinse and repeat.

        • No doubt effective but can’t say it sounds very fun.

  • I haven’t played against it myself but I’ve read the book and seen it in action and I think it’s a strong and fluffy book. I’m very curios to see how the other daemon book will look.

    • Yeah, they really set the bar high with KDK so if the other ones are like this then I’ll be very pleased.

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