Codex Khorne Daemonkin – Rok Da Vote

It’s been a very long time since I did one of these. Mostly because it’s been a long while since Games Workshop released anything I care about enough to run a poll on it to see what others think. I’m pretty much a Chaos player exclusively these days and Chaos doesn’t get the loyalist love of a new codex every month ;)

Anyway, Khorne Daemonkin has been out for a few months (seems longer), so I thought it would be fun to run a poll about it. You don’t need to be a Khorne Daemonkin player either to vote. I like seeing votes just as much from those who play against it. It’s always good to get a mix of players and opponents in the results. It keeps things honest and balanced.


[poll id=”47″]

I’ll let this poll run for a few weeks and then tally the results.

  • From what I have seen it seems like a solid and focussed little dex.

    • No argument there. Overall I’d say it’s a mid-powered codex, which is fine with me. I’d hate to play the flavor of the month and under-powered codices are just frustrating.

      • One of these days I’ll be a full convert, and then Thor will be super happy. I’m honestly just waiting to see if they do books for the other gods before I swap over :) If nurglekind has some sort of table that “Debuffs” the opposing army, that might be a cool dynamic!

        • Oh, they’ll do each god. It’s one of the few things I’d wager money on with GW.

          Debuffing would be a cool dynamic. I’m really curious how each god will function; what will make that codex unique.

          • I wouldn’t be surprised if there would be some zombie raising mechanic.

            • Oh, good call. Maybe at the end of the Nurgle turn in which any enemy units were destroyed it creates D3+1 (whatever), zombies. Also, have some artifact that automatically generates some when it kills models.

              • I would put it in the codex as it is a fluffy way of stimulating sales (you always need more zombies).

                • Of course. No doubt 99% of the reason KDK got summoning through the Blood Tithe.

  • I have never played against it so it is kinda hard to judge. Seems neither under or over powered, which I like, and quite thematic

    • Thematic is honestly the biggest selling point for me. I wouldn’t play it if it wasn’t.

  • khorneinquisitor

    Tzeentch is next from what I have read. The table I suspect is unique to khorne as other gods will have psykers to lean on to produce the wonky effects that the table produces. I am shuddering at the concept of a codex with so much summoning power as the tzeentch book.

    I imagine Nurgle will have the ability to debuff significantly in the form of AoE effects.

    • Yeah, I don’t expect each god codex to have a table like Khorne. It would be lame if they used the same mechanic (some sort of point system spent on a benefit table), for each one. They did so well making a great thematic codex for Khorne that each god needs to be the same. It’s that mechanic that’s going to make each one great, otherwise it’s just mixing two codices together.

  • Khorne Daemonkin is obviously Blood for the Blood God but I’m just an old hipster so I prefer to stay true to Chaos Space Marines.

    • CSM is still a good codex. It’s a far deeper codex with far more tools where KDK is a blunt instrument. Despite playing KDK a ton lately, I’ll be delving back into CSM and mixing it up. There’s just some things I really miss with CSM, mostly versatility, and access to units KDK doesn’t have, like the Warpsmith.

      I’m probably going to lean on CSM a lot more and reserve KDK for those times I just feel like bashing heads. I’ve struggled a lot with KDK, and though it’s a fun army to play anyway, there’s no need to limit myself.

      • I like a lot of things in KDK but I I don’t know. It just isn’t for me I guess. I like the whole warband of many colours approach of CSM. But some of the formations look really useable – the flesh hound/biker one is great. When the new plastic flesh hounds drop I might have to put this formation together.

        • I do like the smaller formations like that. I’m not so much a fan of the bigger ones that are effectively a modified force org. The big ones force you into choices you may not want and that annoys me. When you have an army that’s very one dimensional as it is, you need to make the right choices and too many formations require bad ones, or at least less than ideal.

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