Herald of Khorne Showcase

Well, I finally finished my Herald of Khorne that I started longer ago than I care to recall. Let’s just jump straight into some pictures, of which I took many since I usually only do like four and always cover the same views.

I’m very pleased with the end result. This was my first attempt at a fully blended model, which meant learning a lot of stuff on the fly – and I learned a ton. That being said, it’s going to be a very long time I think before I go to this length again. I mostly did it to see if I could and to push myself to learn. I learned I could do it and gained some valuable information in the process, so a success all around. However, it’s just not practical to spend this kind of time on a single model, even an HQ. I enjoy painting and everything but my biggest enjoyment with painting is playing with fully painted models, not creating show pieces.

I think what I’ll do with my new found info is apply it in a more practical manner where appropriate. I could definitely blend a model in half the time any element of this took and still have good looking results. It wouldn’t be flawless (not that this Herald is either), but it would still look good. I’ve always painted in a sort of dark gritty style so blending the same way is more my style than this model was.

Anyway, I don’t mean to sound like I’m complaining. Again, I’m very happy with this model and I’m glad I took the time to learn. I was also smart enough to remember to document my process so everything I learned is on paper for future reference; a rare occurrence for me!


  • I think this is the best model you’ve showcased yet thor. He is absolutely gorgeous. There is a ton of detail on him. I keep finding more things you worked on in the photos. Like the gumline, or the attention to detail in the snow. Just brilliantly done. Should be super proud. I’d consider this for entry in a contest.

    • Much appreciated.

      The model had more detail than I figured at first. Initially I thought I’d just blend a ton of red on the Juggernaut and then do the Herald but that Juggernaut has so many little bits that I kept missing and had to keep coming back to.

      We have a big 40K tournament in the fall we host locally (40’ish players), that has a painting competition which I’ll enter this into for sure.

  • You should be very proud of this, it is a lovely model and the colours and blending are all very smooth. The level of detail you go into leaves me behind on this one.
    I think you made the right choice taking so many pictures to really give a full view of it all. Bravo.

    • I’m definitely proud of this guy despite my complaining of how long the process was. Normally I get burned out on a model when it takes this long but it was such a cool model I never really got tired of working on it.


  • Per Hagman

    This is really some good work. Mindblowing I would say. Do you like a herald in the game?

    • Thank you.

      I do like him for a few reasons. He’s cheap, even on a Juggernaut. His loci goes to the squad he’s with so even if he’s not kicking ass he’s still benefiting the unit. I like him on a Juggernaut with the Exalted Locus of Wrath (hatred), and I put him in with Hounds or Spawn.

      That setup is only 125pts. He’s also good in combat and his only downside is the blade only being AP3, unless of course you want to spend the points to get him an artefact.

      • Per Hagman

        I need to get one for sure :) Thanks for your answer

        • Always happy to help a fellow Chaos player out. We are few but we are legion!

  • Looks fab Thor. I really like the blending you have achieved on the red. It looks great.

    The whole model works fantastically well, and the base tops it off nicely :)

    • Thanks.

      I’ll tell you what, that red was far easier to blend than that black. Blending black can be a bit of a pain in the ass.

      I really could have done more with the basing but honestly, I was just done with it; it was time to move on. I like the basing but it’s my standard basing technique; I didn’t make it more elaborate or anything. Usually by the time I hit basing I’m so tired of working on the model that I just want to be done.

      • Lol I know the feeling. I dont think the base detracts in any way from the model though. It still looks good and it will fit in with the rest of your army nicely.

        I hate painting black. Probably my worst colour to paint, apart from maybe yellow. I avoid it like the plague

        • Traditionally with black I just edge highlight it and call it a day, so I never minded it before. Now, yeah, I see why people avoid it.

          Yellow, no thanks. I’ll take white before yellow any day.

  • Sweet. The blending looks great as does the model, I can tell you put a lot of hard work into it. Kudos.

  • Warren Falconer

    Looks amazing can’t wait to see it in person.

    • Thanks.

      Next time you’re coming down let me know so I can pack him just in case I’m not using him that day.

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  • Well done. That is one great looking Herald of Khorne. All those hours you spent on this model has led to a remarkable piece.

    • I appreciate it. It was a ton of work and I’m just glad it came out well instead of being a piece you put endless work into and aren’t happy with the end result; done that plenty.

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