Rok Da Vote: Chaos Codex Thoughts (Closed)

Chaos MarinesI put up the poll last month shortly after the release of the new Chaos codex and it’s gotten a fair number of votes. The votes are slowly dying off so it’s time to close it down and see what we got.

Here’s the results.

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At 46% are those who felt it’s a solid codex. This wasn’t my vote but the vote I figured would receive the most attention. I agree with this as well. There’s nothing over the top in the codex. Nothing that screams out at you as a must-have choice. Also, there’s no straight up poor choices as were present in the last codex either. In short, the codex is well-balanced.

Then at 21% are those who think it’s kick-ass. This was my choice. I think this vote comes with a bit of perspective. For me, I started using Chaos a bit over a year ago in that last abortion of a codex. That makes the new current amazing by comparison. However, I know many have played Chaos through various iterations and the infamous 3.5 codex. I know that codex is still held in very high regard and I can understand this new one not being seen as a match for what once was.

15% Of the voters felt it’s better than the last but still not good. I didn’t figure this vote would stand so high in the results. Again, a matter of perspective though. I suppose if you were expecting something on par with Necrons then you’d be disappointed, though you can’t argue it’s better than the last. The last handful of codices have been extremely strong so I can understand why people would vote for this option.

Closely behind that at 13% was the people who felt it is alright. This vote is really pretty similar to the previous 15%. Then 5% who think it just sucks. I can’t understand the thought of it sucking but hey, to each their own.

  • I think it looks like a solid, balanced codex with a lot of possibilities. When you consider the available allies there are plenty of interesting builds available. I’m planning to works some CSM allies into my Ork army at some point, maybe they’ll eventually grow into a full force.

    • Just what you need, another distraction…I mean army :)

  • Seems like a reasonable codex to me–though I have a hard time believing plague zombies aren’t in the “over the top” category. IMO, they’re undoubtedly the best objective holders in the entire game, and make for unbelievable screens and tar pits.

    • They’re a good unit but it’s one of those units you need to spam before it starts getting over the top. One unit of 35 Plague Zombies is hardly game breaking. Now, take 3+ units of 35 Plague Zombies and now you’re talking.

      • Is there any unit in the game that’s game breaking with just one of them? Maybe a few come close, but they’re still just one unit. It’s spamming overpowered units that make them ridiculous: Valks, IG Vets, Cron Air, etc.

    • Lukas

      It helps that A) no models for it aside from fantasy.

      and B) A lot of people who are that cheesy don’t want to put that much effort into assembling so many zombies.

      Grots are no different though, dirt cheap, troops. Zombies simply add fearless and fnp, which is marginally better, the grots can go to ground in area terrain for 3+ cover and not care about the multilasers, scatterlasers, Str6+ stuff. The zombies sit there and take it on the chin. And they still don’t do anything other than score.
      10 grots can be hidden completely out of LoS, 35 zombies? not so much.

      • I don’t get the point of A). There are no models for these (except for the models for these). How is that a point? The fact that they’re fantasy models means that statistically they’re cheaper than they would be if they were 40k models.

        I believe B) to be false because of the mere existence of Cron-Air lists. If things are powerful, people will go out and buy them–no matter what they cost. There’s already at least one player locally who purchased hundreds of zombies (from Mantic Games), and fields them regularly.

        As for the argument about Grots, that also seems weak to me. Sure, they’re cheap troops, but cheap alone doesn’t make them good. Well, that might be arguable, since I’m a huge fan of cheap fodder in any form; however, the fact that these are both cheap and durable makes them far better than Grots. Sure, a 10 man unit of Grots can go to ground in cover for a 3+ save–but so can the zombies–and they get a 5+ FNP on top of that (against anything less than s6). Fearless is huge in this edition, because a unit of grots folds when it gets assaulted, whereas a unit of zombies fights until the last man. Zombies seem to be clearly superior to grots (in all ways except shooting).

        • TheRhino

          Your points are all valid, except Fearlessness and GtG. You can’t GtG if you’re Fearless now.
          I’d agree that Zombies are far superior to Grots in ALL ways. Fearlessness is key here, as you have to shoot all 30-35 zombies off an objective in order to clear it. You only have to shoot 25% of the Grots each turn to force Morale tests and watch them scamper off.
          The 10 Grots out of LOS isn’t even a close comparison to 35 Zombies in LOS. That’s like apples to oranges, or cake to pie. 10 Zombies out of LOS compared to 10 Grots out of LOS is a fair comparison, and one the Zombies win.

          • You would think that, as a Tyranid player, I would remember about fearless & go to ground, would you? One of these days it will sink in… Thanks for reminding me.

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