Rok Da Vote: Chaos Marines 6th Edition Codex (Re-poll) – Closed

Chaos MarinesI’ve finally looped back around for these re-polls on 6th edition codices and the first was Chaos Marines. The codex has been out for a while and we’ve seen many new 6th codices arrive, so I figured the re-poll would prove vastly different from the initial one. The results were definitely not what I was expecting but that’s the fun part of these polls.

Anyway, we may as well dig into the results.

Let’s start with the results of the first poll, just after release:

[poll id=”26″]

And the re-poll results:

[poll id=”33″]

I won’t bother breaking this entire thing down because it’s pretty obvious that most of the answers remained the same, which is surprising to me. This most recent poll got a few more voters but it wasn’t a significant difference from the first.

Really, the big thing that stands out is the original poll had 21% who thought it kicked ass where now only 7% feel that way. I was one of those who voted in that manner between them. Like most, I was excited at not only a new Chaos codex but the first 6th edition codex. I thought it was awesome. Then we started getting the steady stream of new codices and it became apparent that the Chaos codex was good but not amazing, at least in my opinion, and seemingly that of others.

I do still feel it’s a solid codex and it reminds me a lot of the vanilla Marine codex in that there’s a lot of solid choices but virtually no go-to units, beyond the Heldrake anyway. That, however, does not appeal to everyone and some prefer to have their choices dictated to them. Regardless, 47% still agree it’s a solid codex and 46% thought it was also when it came out.

This poll, unlike the first, introduced a new answer and 4% used it to say the codex is a bit over the top. The only way I can see that is because of the Heldrake and those who use 2-3 a game. I can’t justify one unit making the entire codex over the top though, at least something that’s not a scoring unit or a denial unit. Annoying for sure.

To sum it up, 26% still have a negative view of the codex (harsh crowd), 16% in the middle of the road, 54% give it a good rating and then the 4% who think it’s a bit much. I have the distinct feeling that this codex will remain the least liked of the current 6th codices and those to come.

  • JustHippie

    Unfortunately with Allies there are lots of folks in the competitive scene running allied detachments for a Mace prince(or Juggerlord) and Heldrake. Couple that with Necrons and it’s pretty nasty. I too lowered my rating a notch since all the books since. I’m not as down on it as some, it’s a good book.

  • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

    you could interpret those results another way, that 42% of people are unhappy with the codex. In any other industry that would be considered a massive failure of customer satisfaction…

    • Fair enough and I completely agree. Either way you look at it, only 54% of the voters showed a positive response and that’s pretty unacceptable for a product.

      • Getting 54% of a consumer base to chose your product over the competitors is a huge win in most industries. When those competitors are other products by your company it’s not really a valid measure of success. GW is really looking for market share of their total portfolio and whether each product makes enough profit to cover the development as their measures of success.

        As Hippie points out a lot of people will ally Chaos in for a beatstick and hell turkey combo. Some of them may not rate it as a good army on it’s own but they’ve still purchased the book and some of the most expensive models from the line. I’d call the book a success from a corporate perspective, even if it could have been better.

        It would be nice if the codex had a little more punch to stand on its own. I don’t think it’s too far off the mark though. At least you can ally in something else to cover your weaknesses. Chaos should have no qualms exploiting any dirty trick available ;)

  • khorneinquisitor

    Overall it’s not bad. Like I voted…it’s a good solid codex. The Helldrake IS a little over the top with an AP 3 torrent, but it’s the only Chaos unit like that. I mean, even a spartan prince with mace 145+20+40+45+10 which means that it is going to run at a minimum 260 points for a flying 3/5++ with the mace and the required mark. That’s a lot of points for something that requires 1) wounds to get through and 2) low T values. Can it be nasty…yeah. Over the top? I agree with you that it is not.

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