Rok Da Vote: Chaos Marines Supplements (Closed)

With the voting trailing off in activity it’s time to tally results

Black Legion

Black LegionFirst up is what you all thought of the Black Legion supplement. The results were:

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The most votes went to “It’s alright” with 39% of the votes and was followed by “It’s a solid addition” at 33% of the vote. I feel that most Chaos players had very high hopes when this released and many were let down by the rules. The fluff is great so it’s hard to say that it isn’t a worthwhile purchase unless you were only after the rules. These two votes seem to validate my thoughts there.

A small jump from there goes to 24% who think “It sucks”. These are surely the players who wanted rules to “fix” the problems with Chaos Marines and were disappointed.

The final vote was 3% (1 voter), who thought it was “Kick-ass!”. What can you say? One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Not surprising was that nobody said it was “A bit over the top”.

Overall not a terrible showing for the Black Legion. Well, 24% thinking it’s terrible isn’t great and nobody really thinks it’s amazing, so it sort of floats in the middle.

I do not own the Black Legion supplement. I’m a big fan of fluff but have never been a big fan of the Black Legion. So, when this came out and the biggest accolades it got was for the fluff, well I opted to not bother with it. At some point I will snag it but I’m in no hurry either. I don’t need amazing rules to justify my purchase of a supplement but they need to at least be usable and I do not feel they are.

Crimson Slaughter

Crimson Slaughter CodexNow on to the results from the Crimson Slaughter supplement:

[poll id=”39″]

The top vote here was for “Kick-ass!” at 47% of the vote. Amazing. Nearly half the voters are extremely impressed with it. I’m pretty sure that’s unprecedented in any of the previous polls I’ve run here.

Close behind that is 39% who think “It’s a solid addition”. Combining this with the previous puts Crimson Slaughter at an 86% rating for positive responses. Again, I do not think any other codex/supplement has come close to that here.

The final vote was 14% who said “It’s alright”. Yes, that means nobody said “It sucks” or that “It’s a bit over the top”. That means there is 0% negative feedback on this supplement, which I know for a fact has never occurred in my polling here for anything, ever.

What a huge difference from Black Legion but I’m not surprised. I feel that Games Workshop got it right with this supplement. I also feel that Chaos Players became more pragmatic after Black Legion and realized that no supplement is going to give them everything they feel Chaos Marines are lacking. What Crimson Slaughter does well is being different and being cohesive.


I think the biggest difference between these two supplement is expectations. Black Legion is an established legion and so players are going to have high expectations for it. Crimson Slaughter is new and did not exist until the release of Dark Vengeance. Games Workshop had the ability to create with Crimson Slaughter where Black Legion had to conform to established canon. Crimson Slaughter is a themed supplement where the rules and options fit the fluff they created. Black Legion also has that but again with the expectations players had, it just fell short. Games Workshop has set a high standard now with Crimson Slaughter and hopefully whatever the next supplement is lives up to the expectations they have now set.

  • khorneinquisitor

    The black legion codex is solid. However, it was definitely not what I expected. I was really hoping to see some universal special rules. The artifacts are vastly overcosted as well, but the Last Memory is wickedly nasty. I personally actually like the codex, even though I rated it “alright” mainly because it is rarely played and it’s fun being the odd one. One reason I thrive on running Khorne, because it is so rarely used and I get to field armies with lots of units people don’t see a lot. :D

    • Meh. You’re just a glutton. The rules are not great, the artifacts are overpriced and the “gains” of the codex are offset by the VotLW tax you have to pay to use the codex to begin with. I’m all for being different but I won’t abuse myself to that end either :P

  • Christian Hazzard

    see i think alot of the short coming of black legion fall on rules design aswell. black legion gave chaos very few things that codex CSM couldn’t already do and then had a few pieces of wargear aswell. Crimson Slaughter on the other had offered a new troop unit, wargear worth taking, and the ability to take divination which cannot be over stated in terms of usefulness.

    • No argument here. It’s the reason I have not touched it.

      • Christian Hazzard

        right, i’m still patiently awaiting the ability to take a “legion” warband force. i am excited about the Crimson Slaughter, as it shows that GW isn’t intentionally writing bad rules *cough cough champions of chaos rule hack hack cough*. on that note from a story stand point, you really can’t beat the Black Legion, they are the “Doctor Doom” of 40k.

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