Rok Da Vote: Crimson Slaughter Supplement (Voting Fixed)

Crimson Slaughter CodexThe latest supplement for Chaos Space Marines is out, Crimson Slaughter. I’m curious what you all think of it? I’ll save my opinions for now, though I have an article coming out tomorrow with my opinions.

Regarding the Rok Da Vote stuff, these polls. I haven’t done one for four months. The primary reason was that I was relying on them as article fillers. I could barely come up with articles for a while so I would toss one of these up. I hated doing that. The second reason is that I was trying to cover everything with the polls and I just couldn’t keep up. GW’s release schedule is insane and trying to poll everything is just nuts. Plus, honestly, I don’t care to poll about a lot of what I was. I would rather see what you think regarding things I’m interested in as well, not some codex that’s new that I don’t care about.

Anyway, you can vote below.

NOTE: I fixed the voting issue. Sorry about that. I’m fine tuning a caching plugin and set it way too aggressively.

[poll id=”39″]

Also, because I had stopped doing polls a while, this one for the Black Legion never got enough time out there to collect votes. Feel free to toss a vote on that one too.

[poll id=”38″]

  • Sin Synn

    Heya Thor.
    I would totally vote ‘they suck,’ simply because I feel GW is milking the hell out of it’s customers right now, but…Sigh…in certain cases (Chaos, ‘Nids), without the expansions these armies might never win a match without spamming their best units over and over…
    So…Maybe they’re helping someone…somehow…

    • I’m with you completely. I don’t agree with the 600 publications we’ve seen from GW over the past four months. Some of it is a money grab, some of it unnecessary, but you’re right. Some of it is needed by the weaker codices who are struggling along. Of course at the same time they are also pushing out supplements for the already strong codices. I can’t say if the weaker codices are really getting that edge they need when compared to the slew of other stuff out there for the strong armies; but I can say this supplement does make me enjoy Chaos Marines more and ultimately that’s all I care about.

  • muleyyy

    the crimson slaugher supplement is a good update, though i feel that some of these rules could have been options in the codex, same with the helbrutes dataslate

    • Agreed. I have the distinct feeling that what we got for a codex all that time ago was intended to be what it was with the knowledge that they, GW, would be pushing out these supplements down the road.

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