Rok Da Vote: New Chaos Codex

Chaos MarinesWell, we’ve had the new Chaos codex for a bit over a week so I wanted to see what people thought about it. Between the new units, changes to existing units (including force organization alterations), and the general change-up as a whole to the codex, there’s a lot to digest. That being said, I think we’ve all formulated our general idea of the codex.

Vote away!

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  • tim

    Disappointing codex. Good but disappointing. Reasons:
    1) No new special characters.
    2) No forge world units made it. (all those awesome chaos flyers from FW, etc).
    3) Could have done more with Cultists and where are the mutants? What about renegade psykers?
    4) 50 dollars….WTF?

    • Another new character or two would have been welcomed for sure.

      The cost doesn’t bug me really. Paperback ones are what, $35? So, we’re seeing typical GW inflation but getting a hard cover out of it.

  • Sadly, I haven’t seen it myself, so I can’t vote.

    Maybe you should have a response option for lame-o’s like me?

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