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Chaos Space Marines

Typically every week you can find a battle report with Chaos Space Marines. I, Thor, play my own warband, Disciples of Twilight. They are an undivided warband, so most often my army lists are pulled from the general Chaos Space Marines codex.

I’m not the only Chaos player though, so you will also find stuff regarding the Alpha Legion, and even Word Bearers. Most of us here are lovers of Chaos. I mean, how can you not be?

We have a lot of hobby stuff for Chaos Space Marines as well. The fun thing with an army tainted by the warp is that you can do damn near anything with them visually and it works.

There are a lot of conversions and sculpting projects we’ve done over the years. It’s the hobby element that, I feel, makes Chaos one of the most addicting armies. Plus, it’s nice to buck the trend of playing the good guy too. Death to the false Emperor!

Splattered throughout, you will also find some CSM unit reviews, as well as some strategy and tactics articles. We’re not really competitive 40K players, but we do have a lot of experience that we share. Who knows, you might even find a use for a unit you hadn’t though of!