Maine Warhammer 40K League

Maine Warhammer 40K League

To all of my fellow Mainers, there is now a Maine Warhammer 40K League. I won’t go on and on to describe it here because all of that information is provided on the website and there’s also information on the Facebook page. I just wanted to let you know that…Read More

Terminator Robot

Chaos Warpsmith Experiences

I have managed a handful of games now with the Warpsmith and have had mixed success with the lists utilizing him. The Warpsmith himself has proven useful on multiple occasions. Being able to fix things is always handy. Shattering defenses at the start of the game, when I remember to…Read More


Growing Pains: Server Upgrade

I host multiple sites with my current webhost and right now I’m in a shared hosting environment. The upside is it’s cheap. The downside is it’s a shared environment and I only have so much room to grow before it’s time to upgrade. Well, it looks like it’s time to…Read More


Eldar Dark Reaper Conversions: Exarch “Skeletor”

Rounding out my homemade reaper squad is my primary exarch model, probably called “Skeletor” by his peers and the the playground kids he bullies after school. My idea is that he has become such a powerful vision of Death that he psychically projects the image of a skull head for…Read More

Attack and Defend

40K Mission: Attack and Defend v3.1.2

Minor update to indicated your scoring units must be wholly in the enemy’s deployment zone. You can see the latest version here and you can find all my other custom missions over here.