Chaos Obliterators Painting Showcase

I began working on these Obliterators last month. In no time I had 90% of it complete but that last 10% would be 90% of the work. I had put up WIP shots of them where I was working, for the first time really, with OSL (object source lighting). Ron over at From the Warp, gave me a lot of great feedback. The problem was it meant I had to redo some things, and I agreed, yet I had to set them aside for another project, one that was time sensitive. When that was completed, the time sensitive project, I came back to these Obliterators renewed and completed them.

Obliterator Gallery


Painting Thoughts

To explain these Obliterators a bit. As is obvious, I converted them from the Battle for Macragge Terminators. I stuck to working in the skin and the horns, guns too of course. The armor is still very loyalist in appearance, as was intended, since I wanted them to be ‘recently’ fallen.

Fluff-wise, I’m going the route of the Obliterators being, or have been, Dark Mechanicus and so went with the red and black. My warband, Disciples of Twilight, hires mercenaries and units like Obliterators and cult units are just that and so I paint them for their allegiance and not as part of my warband.

The biggest problem I had in working on these models was the power fists. I wanted them activated and throwing off light so I could work with OSL. I was stuck on having the fists be black when inactive and electric blue when active while making it apparent the fist was normally black. I think I accomplished that to some extent, at least giving the impression the glow was over a darker surface.

With that worked out I went about getting the lighting on the armor from the fist. Both fist and lighting attempts were numerous. I believe you’re seeing the fourth version of my attempts there. In my search for OSL help I found this site and tutorial: Hand Cannon Online: Tutorial: Advanced – Object-Source Lighting. Long story short, I got some useful tips from that tutorial that I applied to my work and figured out where I was going wrong.

Lastly, the ice on the bases was a bit of an experiment that I think worked out pretty well. What I did was take Mod Podge glue, you can find it at any craft store, and added some blue to it. I then layered that onto the base 2-3 times to get it built up a bit. Once the entire model was sealed I hit up the ice with a brush on gloss sealer.

There we have it, my adventure with these Obliterators. I’m really happy with how everything came out. Nothing is ever perfect but I learned a ton working on these models and that’s the best part really.

  • hippie

    Nice job as always Thor.  Your pics have been coming out really good.  Did you make a light box or just using a good camera?  

    • Thanks.

      It’s just a cheapy light box I threw together. The camera itself is OK but not great. I also try and clean things up in Photoshop too like adjusting lighting, contrast, etc.

  • Those look good.  Another job well done!

    • Thanks. Hoping to have my Chaos army ready for The Standoff.

      • At the rate you work I’m sure you’ll make it.  I started the Reavers hoping to have them ready for the first Standoff, it looks like I just might make it in time for the next one ;)

        • I hear ya. I wanted to have Chaos ready for this month but this army is taking forever.

  • I wasn’t convinced as I was watching you build these, to be honest. However, having seen the finished product, I am glad to say that I was wrong!
    The painting really makes you aware of how they are bioengineered mutating killer robots … who only have toughness four …

    • T4, or lack of eternal warrior, the bane of Oblits to be sure.

      I wasn’t 100% convinced either to be honest. I certainly could have done more with these guys but I did learn a lot that I’ll apply to the next ones I do.

  • Oh man, those look fantastic!

    • Coming from you I take that as a huge compliment.

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