Chaos Spawn Painting Showcase – The Unbound

A few months ago I redid the basing on my Chaos Spawn unit. The unit was a collection of different snow basing techniques that I had tried out over the years. I thought it was time to unify the unit. I figured since the unit was finally unified, why not get some shots using the better setup I now have for pictures?

Chaos Spawn Gallery


This unit is known as The Unbound. In my army’s fluff they were once fellow Space Marines. However, a genetic flaw in their gene-seed, once exposed to the warp, caused their mutation into what you see. Either that or it’s the Chaos Gods having fun; one can never be sure!

In game terms, they have served mostly as a bodyguard for Soulgore, one of my Chaos Lords who primarily rides his Juggernaut. While they are mutated, and mostly insane, they have retained some sense of who they once were, and remain loyal to the warband.

Painting & Modeling

The models I used as the Crypt Flayers, formerly known as Vargheists. While I do like the actual Chaos Spawn models, for just a few more dollars you get an extra model with Crypt Flayers. I also think these guys fit the role and look cool as well.

It was years ago that I painted the unit. The first three I painted were the purple, green, and black ones. Those were painted pretty simply with a base coat and heavy washes – nothing fancy. The last two I did, the yellow/gold, and blue/purple ones, I did with zenith priming, and then washes and glazes. It’s a technique I found very liberating to do, and one I plan to use again in the future on organic models like this.

  • Galán Del Águila Pacheco Cruz

    Like the concept of the corrupt gene-seed. Really nice work.

    Is there any chance you’ve noted down how did you paint that purple? Was looking to paint tyranids in a similar way

    • Thank you.

      The purple one is base coated with Warlord Purple (Vallejo). It’s then washed with Leviathan Purple, now called Druchii Violet (Games Workshop). It’s also painted over a black primer.

  • I never considered using those models as spawns, I think it looks really good. I’ve never been a fan of the current spawns, well besides all the tentacles and eyes you get.

    I did a similar thing for my plague bearers. Didn’t like the current ones at that time, so I used Kroot bodies and the rest from the crypt ghouls and I quite like how they turned out.

  • I’ve got a box of those lying around that I’ve been planning to make into Spawn for a while, but haven’t gotten around to it.

    I have mixed feelings about the varied colour scheme. It is totally fitting for Chaos, but I find I like the aesthetic of having some unifying element within a Unit, even in cases like this. Also they remind me a little of the bags of plastic monsters/dinosaurs that I used to get at the drug store for like a dollar when I was a kid. But they do look really good individually, and I suspect that when viewed more from above (as is normal on the table), the basing will help tie them together more. And like I said, very fitting for Chaos.

    Also, the name for the Unit makes me think you should do a Squad of Chosen or Terminators or something called The Battle-Forged ;)

    • I know what you mean about uniformity. I’m the same way, but I felt like having fun and trying something different with these guys. Plus, as you said, it’s fitting for Chaos.

      I had named them before 7th, but The Battle-forged has a ring to it… ;)

  • They look well all based together.

    How do you think they will fare in 8th?

    • Thanks.

      I like them in 8th. They got better. Now they have a save, and in combat they got nastier. They were good before, but now I’d say they’re great.

  • Kenneth Raymond

    I like these, The colours work as a group of chaos marines dedicated to each god mutating into a form beyond their control. (it looks like an undivided, tzeentch, slaanesh, khorne and nurgle spawn menagerie)

    • Thanks, and that’s pretty much what I was going for too :)

  • JD Brink

    They look great! I love the bright colors and cool conversion details you added. I have some of the similar ghoul models that I’ve used as plague zombies and/or plague bearer daemons. I also have some fun ogres that I’ve mutated a bit to use as spawn, and the new stats in the 8th edition fit them even better than the last! Praise Chaos!

    • Thanks.

      Ogres have been a consideration for a long while if I decide to do another unit. However, seeing as I’ve started this route, I feel that Ogres might be a bit out of place…if that can be said of Chaos.

      Spawn have become great in 8th. I was very surprised to see that honestly. They were always good, and one of my favorite units, and 8th has solidified that.

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