Style, You Have Any?

If you’ve been following my blog then you know I’ve been working on figuring out a style with my Marines that works for me. I can’t say with 100% certainty that I’ve found it but I feel I’m on the path at least. With my Orks I play pretty much a Speed Freek list because that’s a style that suits me. The key thing here is doing something that suits you.

See, I could scour the internet endlessly looking for the best way to play my Orks or Marines and certainly find some good information but at the end of the day the list has to work for me. Someone could write me a list that they feel is the next Leaf Blower list but in my hands it performs horribly because it’s just not my style. It doesn’t matter what other people feel is the best way to use a unit, the best wargear to take, how you should deploy, etc. That’s what works for them and may not be for you. I feel this is why some people will get bored with an army and move on to another. They take the advice given to them as an absolute and build up their army accordingly. They’ll play it repeatedly and may not do well or they may do exceptionally well with it but be bored. In either case it may be attributed to the fact that that list is just not a good fit for them. Instead they feel the army isn’t what they want and they move on when the army could potentially be a great fit if only they tried to find their style with it.

I have now played 36 games with my Marines and the past few have seen me finally start to find a groove, something that works for me. It came quicker with my Orks. I played a few games with my Orks as a horde and quickly established that I hated moving that many models and so I began picking up transports and support vehicles for them. In doing so I didn’t have to move so many models and I realized I found a style that I enjoyed once I got in some games with my mobile force. I had this expectation with my Marines, get in a few games to get a feel for them and find a direction to go in but it never happened. One reason for that has been my blatant dislike for special characters. My experiences had given way to disliking seeing special characters on the field since it usually ended with them tearing me apart on their own. I felt they were completely unfair and game breaking. Over time I saw them in a different light. Sure, they’re tough but as long as I don’t allow that character to dictate my mood and approach to the game then they’re not so worrisome. With that behind me I went through the special characters again for Marines and found I really liked Kar’sarro Khan and the potential he brings to the table. I’m now working through some ideas with him in my lists and so far I like what I’m seeing.

My point is don’t let everyone around you tell you how you should play your army and don’t be closed to the idea of doing something different, something you may previously have never considered. In doing so you may deprive yourself of finally having fun with your army and your games.

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